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Eşref Aksu

Kasavubu’s representatives, 71 a result which favoured the Anglo-American position. In effect, the Mobutu regime had been legitimated by the UN. An important minority, including the troop-contributing African countries and the Asian neutralists, remained opposed to this decision. A number of countries, which had a special interest in UN peacekeeping, were unconvinced and abstained. 72 In his speech of 23

in The United Nations, intra-state peacekeeping and normative change
Geoffrey K. Roberts and Patricia Hogwood

October 1955, Austria declared its permanent neutrality, but chose to interpret this stance actively rather than passively. Austria joined the UN in December 1955 and has frequently participated in UN peace-keeping operations. In 1956, the country allowed refugees from the Hungarian uprising to cross its borders to safety. [See also: Cold War] Autonomen (the Autonomous) The German Autonomen are an alienated

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