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Rhiannon Vickers

strongly with the Labour Party than the Liberals and the Liberal Party was split between the followers of Lloyd George and Asquith. The Labour Party became the official opposition in 1922, out-stripping the Liberals in the election of that year. They formed minority governments in 1924 and 1929–31, but were unable to gain a majority of seats. Rather surprisingly, it is in the area of foreign policy that Labour is seen as having had the most success in these two early experiences in government, even though foreign policy is subject to more external restraints than other

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Jane Brooks

obligations of health in the twentieth century’, in Dorothy Porter, Health, Civilization and the State: A History of Public Health from Ancient to Modern Times (London: Routledge, 1999); Jane Brooks, Chapter 3, ‘Nursing the nation’, in Jane Brooks, ‘“Visiting rights only”: The early experience of nurses in higher education, 1918–1960’ [unpublished PhD thesis] (London: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, 2005). 74 Arthur Salusbury MacNalty, ‘Medical research’, in Arthur Salusbury MacNalty and W. Franklin Mellor (eds), Medical Services in War: The Principal

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Jane Brooks

many illnesses and injuries. If this was aa late as 1944, it is not clear why chemists were still producing crude penicillin. Peake’s oral history is not particularly clear throughout in terms of timelines, so she could have been referring to earlier experiences in the desert. Kevin Brown identifies that the early researchers in Oxford did not have properly designed culture dishes either and that the team obtained biscuit tins, as well as petrol tins and bedpans, in order to grow the mould. Brown, Fighting Fit, loc. 3546. 157 Anonymous, ‘Penicillin in the field

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Everyday trajectories of activism
Hilary Pilkington

. … Seriously. He used to beat the shit out of my Mom. … Seeing my Mom wearing a pair of glasses walking to school. No. Taking a baseball bat to me at 13 years old. (Sean) It is hard in the context of a research project to be able to draw any concrete connections between childhood abuse and trauma and trajectories into the EDL; discussions are fragmentary, not conducted by a trained psychologist and the experiences often still raw and unprocessed by respondents themselves. Here, just one case is highlighted as an example of how traces of these early experiences might seep

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Theatre of Debate
Simon Parry

early experience of collaborating with health authorities on work within schools. Over 25 years, the company therefore had to frame and reframe its own practice many times in negotiations with different ways of understanding and valuing learning. Y Touring was consistently able to articulate the value of its performances in a range of terms right up to its last two productions Stunted Trees and Broken Bridges and Hungry by Sarah Daniels. Since 2014, Townsend has again had to rearticulate the value of work in the terms of the new independent company Theatre of Debate

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Patrick Doyle

The concern for the ‘men of small means’ remained a feature of co-operative rhetoric throughout the early twentieth century. In a letter addressed to Fr Tom Finlay, the IAOS's vice-president, Plunkett argued that the early experience of the co-operative movement ‘united men of the utmost diversity of position, circumstance, interest and opinion’. 16 Ireland's ongoing transition from ‘landlordism to a peasant proprietary’ deprived them of a semblance of social cohesion. 17 Co-operative organisations offered a means to create social cohesion and provided a platform

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Linda Maynard

while on patrol with Fred, and died soon afterwards. Percy relayed the ‘pain’ in Fred’s voice when telling him of this. Some war traumas had to be shared with trusted confidants. Humour or a light tone deflected familial jitters. It was undeniable, Arthur Sadd admitted to his elder sister, that trench warfare ‘was a bit tiring to the nerves’, but as long as nothing landed within ten to twelve yards, it did not ‘worry you a lot’. 71 Writing to his twelve-year-old sister, Edward Chapman wrote about an early experience of shelling: The attacking party had some

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Expanding the work of the clinics
Caroline Rusterholz

are afraid of an early experience happening to you again. Something that is good now and proper, but the fear still remains. I'd like you to think along those lines. 103 She followed the same type of procedure with each patient, pushing them to explain what was going on in their sexual life and why they were seeking advice. By

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Adam Fox and Daniel Woolf

heroes, Bevis of Southampton, Guy of Warwick and Saint George, Tom Hickathrift and the Seven Champions among them, but that the little girl, Betty, as her mother told him, ‘deals chiefly in fairies and sprights’. Already, it seems, the male imagination was being fired by a world of swashbuckling adventure as delivered from cheap print whereas the female mind was being nurtured on a magical lore as delivered from the mouths of maids and nurses.104 Several generations later the vivid testimony of John Clare, whose early experiences are dealt with in more detail by Bob

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