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Autopilot, neglect or worse?
Nick Bisley

smooth sailing. Prior to the trip the White House announced that Trump would not ultimately go to the EAS, but at the last minute changed tack again to say he was going, only finally skipping out at the last minute. Notwithstanding some clumsy handling, Trump did go and comported himself more effectively than when he took part in NATO meetings in May 2017. 29 North Korea policy has been the most visible facet of US security policy in Asia under Trump and arguably where he has most visibly broken with the past. Within five months of coming to office the administration

in The United States in the Indo-Pacific
Stuart Horsman

(MinVodKhoz) and then restructured as a scientific research institute, in 1990. Luis Viega da Cuhna, ‘The Aral Sea Crisis: A Great Challenge in Transboundary Water Resources Management’, NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Transboundary Water Resources Management: Technical and Institutional Issues, Skopelos, May 1994, p. 17. 22 Inside Central Asia, 25 (31 March 1996), p. 4. 23 Viega da Cuhna, ‘Aral Sea Crisis’, p. 6. 24 Bruce Pannier and Edige Magauin, ‘Kazakhstan: China Discusses Future of Irtysh Rivers’, RFE/RL Weekly Magazine (28 May 1999); and Kazakh Commercial

in Limiting institutions?
Water scarcity, the 1980s’ Palestinian uprising and implications for peace
Jeffrey Sosland

for the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Environmental Change, Adaptation and Human Security , Budapest , 9–12 October.

in Redefining security in the Middle East
A framework for understanding EU crisis response
Oliver P. Richmond
Sandra Pogodda
, and
Roger Mac Ginty

Conflicts and crises are intrinsically linked but differentiated, among other factors, by positionality, subjectivity and politics. While its material conditions (scale, duration, nature and intensity of violence) allow conflict to be assessed or categorised even to the unaffected outsider, crises tend to lie in the eye of the beholder (a specific group, the state, the EU, NATO, the UN, and so on

in The EU and crisis response