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, manslaughter, incest, and the illegal fishing of salmon.44 The Kirk and its officers therefore had other fish to fry, and this is equally true of the state. As we saw earlier, Scotland has never been a unitary culture and the differences between its component parts were emphasised rather than played down during the 1700s. First, and perhaps most important, during the eighteenth century Scotland, having surrendered herself to a political union which has been likened to that of a mouse lying down with an elephant, was to all intents and purposes ruled by a foreign country

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hold proceedings in camera, or exclude sections of the public: the Punishment of Incest Act 1908; and the Children Act 1908.11 Section five of the Punishment of Incest 77 A. W. Brian Simpson Act stated baldly that ‘All proceedings under this Act are to be held in camera.’ It was added as an amendment proposed by Lord Halsbury; he believed that press publicity would produce ‘a crop of similar offences at other Assizes’.12 The provision was repealed in 1922.13 Thereafter the press in general apparently did not report cases of incest, or cloaked them in euphemism, and

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advertising only took around $19 million box office. Nixon was a man of great talent, but his own worst enemy. Nixon did make some progress with the Soviet Union and China, and in that respect he may, like Kennedy, have crossed a line –​and it has even been suggested that Watergate might have been a response from the establishment to that development. Stone: U Turn was a story about incest and was released as an R; but by 1997 things had started to loosen up a little. However, by the time of Alexander I discovered that the gay relationship with Hephaestion was still a

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Postcolonial women writers in a transnational frame
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eponymous voice of the spirit-medium of the 1890s land wars or chimurenga, and Under the Tongue (1996) is the deeply internalised narrative of a victim of incest. Butterfly Burning (1998), also strongly spatialised, was discussed in chapter 10. Thereafter, shifting away from the topic of Arundhati Roy’s reception in the west, which was the focus of chapter 9, I will offer an intertextual commentary on her first and to date only novel The God of Small Things and of her non-fictional polemic against transnationalism. Large nations, small gods Many recent commentaries have noted

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business of psychoanalysis is those ‘fathomless workings’, which it seeks to make known – a process that has always been in thrall to literature. The literary influences on Freud are regularly expounded (and usually include Shakespeare, Goethe, Flaubert and Schopenhauer);7 Freud acknowledges that Sophocles himself introduces male fantasies of maternal incest into his story of Oedipus (quoting Jocasta’s lines ‘Many a man ere now in dreams hath lain / With her who bare him’).8 Psychoanalysis has been identified as a ‘true child of literature’, and Edith Kurzweil cites a

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regulating marriage ties superimposes the kingdom of culture on that of a nature abandoned to the law of mating. The prohibition of incest is merely its subjective pivot, revealed by the modern tendency to reduce to the mother and the sister the objects forbidden to the subject’s choice, although full licence outside of these is not yet entirely open. This law, then, is revealed clearly enough as identical with an order of language. For without kinship nominations, no power is capable of instituting the order of preferences and taboos that bind and weave the yarn of

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Scylding family closet and surmised that the Old English poet suppressed stories involving rape or incest as too hot to handle, a kind of self-censorship. 20 Or was the poet's deafening silence deployed to prick or excite his audience's recall, to turn absence into presence and thereby evoke the horror behind the curtain. To hear what is not being said in Beowulf involves tapping stories from a variety of late narratives, in full awareness that the conversation changes over the years, that each poet or saga-teller makes

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1980s was the culmination of a growing state of ‘normless anarchy’. 28 At its extreme, it was an anarchy epitomised by a lack of moral guidance that led to an increase in violent crime and to ‘movies that romanticize incest, such as Spanking the Monkey ; the campaign by NAMBLA (the North American Man/Boy Love Association) to repeal the age of consent for sex; [and] the spread

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Where postcolonialism is neo-orientalist – the cases of Sarojini Naidu and Arundhati Roy
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publicity, the work’s verbal intricacy was seen as strikingly contrasted with its disturbing subject matter: the ‘intimate and revealing portrait of the caste-system’, especially the focus on the ‘forbidden’ sexual touch of the (almost godlike) Untouchable, and on the horrific punishment which follows it.20 And as if this were not enough, the novel almost impossibly heightens the ne plus ultra of its cross-caste theme with its representation of child molestation and incest between twins. In some reviews, the layerings of contrasting extreme experiences, of national turmoil

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theoretical. The sources stress that this is not a real option, lest it be said that those who convert to Judaism do so in order to commit incest! 5 m. Bikkurim 1.4. 6 A. Linder, Roman Imperial Legislation on the Jews [Hebrew], Jerusalem 1983, pp. 53–57. 7 Rashi in Yebamot 47b s.v. deamar mar, 119b s.v. kashim gerim, Niddah 13b s.v. Goldin, Apostasy and Jewish identity.indd 109 20/08/2014 12:34:47 110 Apostasy and Jewish identity ke-saphat, Sanhedrin 27b s.v. ella be-pashol, 39b s.v. mipnei ma, to Exodus 30:7. Tosafot Niddah 13b s.v. kashim. 8 Tosafot Yebamot

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