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Soviet things that talk
Yulia Karpova

Infrastructures for the Recycling of Packaging in Twentieth-Century Norway’, Contemporary European History 22.3 (2013), 499–516, doi:10.1017/ S0960777313000258; Livia Rezende, ‘Manufacturing the Raw in Design Pageantries: The Commodification and Gendering of Brazilian Tropical Nature at the 1867 Exposition Universelle’, Journal of Design History 30.2 (2017), 122–38, doi:10.1093/jdh/epx007; Kjetil Fallan (ed.), The Culture of Nature in the History of Design (London: Routledge, 2019). Kjetil Fallan, ‘Our Common Future. Joining Forces for Histories of Sustainable Design

in Comradely objects
Jack Saunders

, despite some very bitter industrial disputes immediately after the First World War. 30 It was never likely that the workers of the new NHS would greet the new service with celebrations of socialism. The ceremony of ‘vesting day’ fitted more easily into traditional forms of hospital pageantry. On 5 July itself, Aneurin Bevan visited Trafford General Hospital, where he was given a tour by senior staff, spoke to patients, and gave a speech praising the establishment of the service. Photographs of his visits show him

in Posters, protests, and prescriptions
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The wall texts of a Percy family manuscript and the Poulys Daunce of St Paul’s Cathedral
Heather Blatt

incorporation does not simply insist on embodied reading, but also widens the readers’ embodied perspectives, which become informed both by the didactic message of the texts, as well as by the servants that pass through or by the rooms, intent on their work; the other people using the spaces for edification, labour, or devotion; and those who are not present, but absent, intent on other activities. Consequently, the reader participates in the pageantry of life on the Percy estate, whether they read at Leconfield or Wressle. To read on the estates, and to read these verses

in Participatory reading in late-medieval England
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Global Britishness and settler cultures in South Africa and New Zealand
Charles V. Reed

pageantry, New Zealanders were caring for their founding settlers in old age. 147 While the Otago Witness complained that such representations of New Zealand as a ‘working man’s paradise’ duped new workers into settling in New Zealand, only to find the same conditions they would find anywhere else in the empire, they also articulated a vision for what the royal tour ought to represent to the

in Royal tourists, colonial subjects and the making of a British world, 1860–1911
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Adam Fox and Daniel Woolf

Mabinogion is preserved Culhwch ac Olwen, probably written about 1100 and thus one of the earliest tales about Arthur in Welsh.72 With Malory’s Le Morte D’Arthur (printed in 1485) the legend came to receive even more elaborate literary treatment and, recycled thereafter in poetry, prose and song, no less than in ritual, pageantry and drama, it became in its many forms a staple of the developing mass media. All of these sources provided the narrative framework both to reinforce and to invent the stories and songs of local tradition by which communities nationwide claimed

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