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were a response to a new need.’ 45 One further answer is that the piety was composed of such things as the images, and cannot be separated from them since it is a single word used to sum up a complex phenomenon or series of actions. In the study of identity it is not possible to take out one element to see what happens. There are few, if any, randomised controlled trials, and experiments with human identity in its social entirety would require both unbelievably large research grants and unimaginable powers of imperial or possibly divine intervention. The option

in Cultivating political and public identity
New polity dynamics

third major item in the Commission’s agenda, and a new but unspecified form of partnership between the Union and the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries was put forward, although, surprisingly, relations with Latin American countries, but also with the US, were somewhat downgraded in the report. Debating the future of Europe 205 For the more effective intervention of the Union in international affairs, the report suggested that a more integrated approach should be built, meaning, and rightly so, that the artificial distinction between external economic

in Theory and reform in the European Union

net into becoming a trampoline . . . State intervention is only justified if it encourages the individual’s abilities and challenges his sense of initiative and does not merely offer him some kind of material assistance . . . ‘Any job is better than none’ is the new motto. ‘Work, even

in The Third Way and beyond
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Welfare reform and the ‘Third Way’ politics of New Labour and the New Democrats

interventions in the capitalist economy, in terms of both the ownership of property and the fiscal powers of the State, specifically ruled out by New Labour. Moreover, those who support a more modest ‘asset egalitarianism’ make very limited claims, insisting that the objective is to guarantee minimum starting-points, not equal starting-points, let alone equal shares. 47 As

in The Third Way and beyond
The Third Way and the case of the Private Finance Initiative

problems of social life deemed to require public intervention, explaining how they arose and providing recommendations as to how they may most effectively be remedied. They compose an ‘operational code’ – a set of goals and guidelines used by policy-makers to structure analysis, define priorities and set the policy agenda. 1 My suggestion here is that the most useful way of

in The Third Way and beyond

do something, and she asks for help, they’ll do it. Instead, she wants to sit all day in these fucking meetings. The punks hate that.” Shirin’s style of management frustrated them because she organized endless meetings to discuss the defense but never presented coherent information or a plan of action. She often dominated in meetings and enjoyed speaking in public, but her interventions proved not pertinent to the topic of discussion. I have sat in meetings with Shirin with other Motorflex squatters in which

in The autonomous life?
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A pluralist theory of citizenship

taken by governments not only affect external populations’ interests but also subject them comprehensively to coercion in a way that fundamentally restricts their autonomy. This is most obviously true for military interventions and explains why these are legitimate only for purposes of self-defence or for humanitarian reasons. In such cases, the ASC principle would support our moral intuitions that states engaging in such forms of extra

in Democratic inclusion
Rousseau as a constitutionalist

until the American Revolution). Constitutionalism was re-born in England, albeit little by little. The need for independent judges to counter a potentially omnipotent king had been emphasised by George Buchanan as early as 1579 (Vile 1998: 34), and Robert Hooker had asserted in The Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity that the king ought not to be judge in cases of felony or treason. Yet it seems difficult to sustain the view that these interventions were but peripheral to the development of constitutionalism. Thus it was not until after the English Civil War that modern

in The political philosophy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Order and security in post-Cold War Europe

past into a quite different future. One clear lesson of the 1990s, though, is that very little concerted international action is indeed possible without American leadership. The reunification of Germany, the liberalisation of world trade arrangements, the Gulf War and strong intervention in the former Yugoslavia – military and otherwise – all required the US to articulate policies, as well as to convince and sometimes pressure others into joining. The Gulf War and the admittedly impressive US exhibition of ‘capacity to go to war’ shows that military power is not

in Theory and reform in the European Union
Isadora Duncan’s danced revolution

, when her shawl got tangled in the wheel of a car and she broke her spine. Duncan’s work was always entrenched in the social conditions of her time. Her reception, I will show, was intertwined with the tensions of a woman whose existence brought the dance of the future to the present, when the present wasn’t always ready to fully comprehend her. Duncan lived her life between worlds; at the same time the main tool for intervention was her own body, thus she was never without a world. Isadora Duncan’s performance arc is an instance par excellence of sic-​sensuous and a

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