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The wall texts of a Percy family manuscript and the Poulys Daunce of St Paul’s Cathedral

probable existent, a bit of reporting on what presents itself’.28 Such a site might be the manuscript in front of a reader, a chair, a wall: whatever occurs in proximity to the body. In contrast, the imaging landing site ‘lands widely and in an un-pinpointing way, dancing attendance on the perceptual landing site, responding indirectly and diffusedly to whatever the latter leaves unprocessed’.29 The imaging site shares some characteristics with Deleuze’s notion of the out-of-field; it may be diffused, and perception might include what exists or happens around the corner

in Participatory reading in late-medieval England

parties, not to mention Orsini’s wife, Flavia. In fact, after the play Orsini wrote to her, describing the evening’s entertainment as una comedia mèscolata, con musiche e balli , a comedy mixed with music and dancing. 12 Regarding the choice of entertainment, we know that Lord Chamberlain George Carey earlier had made a note to remind himself

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translation into modernity and modernism: Levant The line dies vaporously on the distant circle of the sky Clicking of heels, clapping of hands and the clarinet’s arabesque squawk and the sea is ashen grey trembles softly troubled like a pigeon In the poop Syrian emigrants are dancing In the prow a youth is alone On Saturday night at this time Jews down there carry away their dead 108 Readings in the spiralling funnel swaying of alleys of lights turbulent water like the noise of the poop that I hear in the shadow of sleep20 The poem has a complicated genesis, the

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baker, who are both Christians, whom Jacob will name. Likewise, concerning the nuptials of Moses Moresco, a Jew, during this same Lent, Tonin, son of the Gobbo [hunchback], warder of the ghetto, had occasion to say to Messer Alvise Minotto, who disposes of a wardership of the ghetto, that this Giorgio eats meat and is worse than a Jew.27 When the Jews are holding vigils over new born boys in order to circumcise them he goes along and attends all vigils until daybreak together with the Jews, as is their custom, and when there are feasts and dances he 167 Brian Pullan

in Judicial tribunals in England and Europe, 1200–1700
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The Queen in Australia

reduced … was whether the events included in any particular sequence were distinctively Australian. By this test sequences like the Flying Doctor, Bondi Surf Carnival, the children’s display, the dance of the Torres Strait Islanders, and so on, were selected for the full treatment; while Garden Parties, Universities, Ballet, Women’s organizations … which … could be

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The structures of migration in Tales from Firozsha Baag

hobby with, someone to mitigate the perpetual disappointment about his son Pesi, he would lose his precious Spanish dancing-lady stamp and renounce Jehangir’s friendship, both in quick succession. And then two years later, he himself would – but that is never knowable. (TFB, 79) This sophisticated opening, blending prolepsis (anticipation) and analepsis (flashback), provides what is virtually a synopsis of the plot, and does so in such a way as to direct our attention in this tale as much to the mode of narration as to what is narrated. Additionally, the story has a

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in the Raj is the best-known example of this phenomenon. 7 Yet there were many others. ‘Secret’ Malay performances, usually performed in the dead of night, and Zulu ‘war dances’ were performed for Prince Alfred during his tour to South Africa in 1860. 8 Broken chiefs and handpicked rajas were trotted out as symbols of imperial progress and supremacy. The unknown and

in Royal tourists, colonial subjects and the making of a British world, 1860–1911

act may rise to your desire, Devils and Witches must each Scene inspire, Wit rowls in Waves, and showers down in Fire With what strange Ease a Play may now be writ, When the best half’s composed by painting it? And that in th’ Ayr, or Dance lyes all the Wit?77 Rawlins’s patriotic complaint identifies the ‘thundering machine’ as part of the ‘invasion’ of the foreign into English theatre, an invasion which is linked to a proliferation of witches and devils. But aside from his complaint about the ascendancy of the special effects made possible by machinery and the

in Scepticism and belief in English witchcraft drama, 1538–1681
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knowing they could recoup their costs in the cover price. However, while most probably accepted the new regime, some luxury establishments were able to get round the intention of the regulation by adding to the five shillings an artificially high charge for the ‘extras’ – the orchestra, the dancing, the cabaret, and the like. The Government had done its best in what was admittedly an administratively difficult matter. Complaints about people eating out to dodge rationing did disappear from the soundings of opinion, at least, so it might reasonably be inferred that the

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look for differences and the other is to search for common ground. Theorists of the Caribbean have for the most part made a plea for regional specificity and distinctiveness. I have in mind the early observations of Las Casas and his identification of the specificity of the region’s way of dancing, Benitez-Rojo’s observation of the Caribbean’s syncopated way of walking, Lloyd Best’s discussion of the

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