from Lille, nicknamed ‘Zette’, was, in April 1917, suspected of returning to France via Holland  –​a route that could only be possible with the aid of the Germans, who sent her on a mission. It was said she was accompanied to the Dutch border by German soldiers. She had also been, in occupied France, the mistress of Crown Prince Ruprecht of Bavaria, hence her second nickname: la petite princesse. Roussier was apparently friends with other suspected spies in relationships with Germans:  Jeanne Defrance and Alice Rousseau/​ Desrousseaux from Lille (apparently another

in The experience of occupation in the Nord, 1914– 18

place where the deeper or more confidential of the diabetics’ problems may be easily unfolded.’ Rather, he suggested, diet and insulin were the ‘chief preoccupations’ of the ‘busy clinic’, despite being ‘only the beginning of the diabetic life’. 29 Indeed, the causes and results of the clinic's problems were summarised succinctly by one GP from the Birmingham region (L. A. Pike) at a joint meeting of MOHs and GPs in the early 1960s: At the present time, it seems to be the rule that a patient with

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Global Britishness and settler cultures in South Africa and New Zealand

settlers whose kin had arrived from the Netherlands, France, or Germany generations earlier, and immigration schemes aimed at peopling Africa with British people, as we shall see, never effectively took root. The Cape Colony was positioned on one of history’s greatest maritime trade routes, while New Zealand sat almost literally at the edge of the earth. If New Zealanders imagine their society to be

in Royal tourists, colonial subjects and the making of a British world, 1860–1911
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it up. Jacqueline (my friend and driver, to die at Dunkirk) stopped, we got out and looked around. We then saw that two bombs fell in the road just missing us, I made the sign of the cross but my driver, her hands on her hips said: Not very good aim. I could have choked her! . . . We then resumed our route.22 Despite such bravery, there was no disguising the fact that the morale of French troops was extremely poor on arrival in England. As Robert Mengin observed, ‘For us, the French, . . . Dunkirk was the collapse of France. For the English, it was a battlefield

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La colonie Française

itself, the South-East region, including the capital and the Home Counties, counted 7,219 men and 14,165 women, 73.3 per cent of the entire French population in England and Wales.16 Elsewhere, the Northern Region contained 1,023 men, 1,828 women (9.8 per cent of the total French population); the Midlands, 684 men, 1,466 women (7.4 per cent); the East Region, 193 men, 404 women (2.05 per cent); the South-West Region, 448 men, 904 women (4.6 per cent); and Wales, 413 men, 429 women (2.9 per cent). Within the London Administrative County alone, there were 3,795 men and 6

in The forgotten French

fundamentally different approach to that of his predecessors.88 Regardless of the actual route taken, the fact remained that British membership of the EEC would have a profound impact upon US–UK relations. Obviously, if the British followed the protectionist trade and monetary policies as practised by the EEC, this would have ramifications for US economic interests. Politically, given the notion that the EEC would create some type of ‘common’ foreign and political policies, this would at the very least change the nature of US–UK diplomacy.89 What then of US policy? Since the

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. Since the implementation of reform the Company has grown confident in its ability to maintain financial and political advantages. In areas, particularly Bengal, it is strong, and so long as Britain can retain superiority at sea, a challenge from European or Indian ‘enemies’ is unlikely. On the other hand, Hindostan is the region of

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protection of the transport of goods by warlords and possibly even entrepôt trade (temporary storage in a ‘safe’ location) can be particularly attractive services for all kinds of illegal trading such as drugs and weapons smuggling. Smuggling routes move into these areas. This leads to consequential feedback processes. Afghanistan’s market of violence fostered drug smuggling, which helped to finance violence in Central Asia. The collapse of state structures there, especially in Tajikistan, widened the opportunities for drug smuggling from Afghanistan and stable production

in Potentials of disorder
The CDC’s mission to Cold War East Pakistan, 1958

of data that revealed the velocity and route of a pathogen's movement through a defined population. Active surveillance was to be contrasted with ‘passive surveillance’ such as was practised in EP, which involved the slow peregrination of an uncertain diagnosis from an illiterate village watchman to the Health Ministry via intermediaries and an unreliable postal system. 39 Active surveillance, in contrast, took place in real-time as an

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coalition government that was formed. A new constitution for the region went into effect in January 1947. After the dissolution of Prussia, SaxonyAnhalt was declared a Land.115 The Prussian province of Brandenburg was occupied by Soviet forces in 1945, which began immediately with the construction of a communist administration. Potsdam was made the seat of government. In June 1946 a consultative assembly was organized. Local elections were held in September, parliamentary elections in October. Even though the SED did not receive an absolute majority in spite of Soviet

in The Länder and German federalism