time to make the transition to modernity. Some analysts viewed modern armies as models of progressive, bureaucratic institutions, which could through direct military intervention or coups provide the most effective route to development and security: a model that had obvious implications for the French army control of a joint militarycivilian government in Algeria after January 1957. While French policy documents on development reform and counterinsurgency during the Algerian War make very few explicit references to American theory, French practice overall moved

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Crisis, reform and recovery

simple production. The sector encompassed four types of technologies: resource-based (food processing), low (textiles, footwear, leather and plastics), medium (the automotive industry), and high (complex electronic and electrical products). Between 1985 and 1996, the share in exports of products manufactured using medium and high technology rose from among the lowest in the region (20 per cent) to the highest (50 per cent). Thailand’s medium- and high-technology product export shares exceeded those of China, Hong Kong and Indonesia. What explains the change in the

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Bringing the Shows to life

, stresses a number of times that the new Lord Mayor was accompanied by his immediate predecessor, John Swinnerton. Swinnerton’s Show itself was witnessed by the Elector Palatine and his entourage, who were in town for the latter’s marriage to Princess Elizabeth. We have Scultetus to thank 128 Pageantry and power for the detail that the Archbishop of Canterbury accompanied the Elector Palatine in a coach following the aldermen in the procession.38 The Goldsmiths’ Company had an expectation that Queen Anna was ‘certainly’ to attend the 1611 Show, although on this

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miles away. 67 Captain Moriarty perished with seventy-eight men in this action, for which Booth earned a VC. Harward, who rode off to alert Major Tucker at Luneburg, later survived a court martial, but his career was ruined. 68 Wood’s No. 4 Column, though expected to march towards Ulundi in support of the Centre Column, had to pacify the territory en route to ensure the protection of the border town of

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conventional bombing campaign known as the Little Blitz unexpectedly erupted onto the capital early in January 1944 and carried on for three months. The stocks of Morrisons held in London Region during these raids never fell below 27,000. When the V-weapon raids finally came in June 1944, people did start sleeping again in the Underground and in the public shelters, but the demand was not sufficient to cause the Government to open up the new Underground deep shelters, which it had by this time designated as a reserve for operational purposes.6 In retrospect, the start of the

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Anti-Islam and anti-Muslim sentiments

the foundation for theoretical development and the definition of Islamophobia. This, he argues, means the features of ‘closed’ views are equated to the features of Islamophobia (2010: 69). The ‘closed– open’ binary establishes a series of dualisms that appear to reinforce many of the ‘closed views’ themselves and, since ‘closed’ and ‘open’ are largely interchangeable with ‘negative’ and ‘positive’, it follows that the report appears to suggest that 128 Loud and proud: passion and politics in the EDL Islam be both understood and engaged with ‘openly’ or

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Greeks and Saracens inGuy of Warwick

rewards and political influence in the region. But when Prince Alexius, now Alexius IV, failed to fulfil all the terms of his agreement, the Crusaders MUP_McDonald_11_Chap10 223 11/18/03, 17:06 224 Rebecca Wilcox attacked Constantinople in retribution. Far from conquering Egypt and establishing a solid Christian dominance in the Near East, the Fourth Crusade did not advance beyond the borders of Christendom; it ended, instead, with the Latin conquest and pillage of Constantinople in 1204, when a Latin emperor, Count Baldwin of Flanders, was established for the first

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from Lille, nicknamed ‘Zette’, was, in April 1917, suspected of returning to France via Holland  –​a route that could only be possible with the aid of the Germans, who sent her on a mission. It was said she was accompanied to the Dutch border by German soldiers. She had also been, in occupied France, the mistress of Crown Prince Ruprecht of Bavaria, hence her second nickname: la petite princesse. Roussier was apparently friends with other suspected spies in relationships with Germans:  Jeanne Defrance and Alice Rousseau/​ Desrousseaux from Lille (apparently another

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place where the deeper or more confidential of the diabetics’ problems may be easily unfolded.’ Rather, he suggested, diet and insulin were the ‘chief preoccupations’ of the ‘busy clinic’, despite being ‘only the beginning of the diabetic life’. 29 Indeed, the causes and results of the clinic's problems were summarised succinctly by one GP from the Birmingham region (L. A. Pike) at a joint meeting of MOHs and GPs in the early 1960s: At the present time, it seems to be the rule that a patient with

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Global Britishness and settler cultures in South Africa and New Zealand

settlers whose kin had arrived from the Netherlands, France, or Germany generations earlier, and immigration schemes aimed at peopling Africa with British people, as we shall see, never effectively took root. The Cape Colony was positioned on one of history’s greatest maritime trade routes, while New Zealand sat almost literally at the edge of the earth. If New Zealanders imagine their society to be

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