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Impact of structural tensions and thresholds

phenomenon as the UN’s relationship to intra-state conflicts. At the risk of oversimplification, we will provide no more than a cursory account of the post-1945 period, with the emphasis on how the two global conflicts manifested themselves as part of the structural evolution of the international system, which both constrained and facilitated the relationship between international actors and the UN

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consistent with globalisation and will probably reinforce the implementation of structural adjustment policies. As yet it is unclear whether the proposed regional agreements will substantially benefit the developmental goals of the ACP although the EU will benefit from access to new markets (McQueen, 1998). The priorities outlined in the TEU translated more or less directly into the negotiations for a successor to the Lomé Convention which began in 1988. In relation to trade the EU entered the post-Lomé negotiations with three objectives. Firstly, to create an agreement

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State–society relations and conflict in post-socialist Transcaucasia

10 Bringing culture back into a concept of rationality: state–society relations and conflict in post-socialist Transcaucasia Barbara Christophe ,   number of contributions to the vivid debate on ‘ethnic’ violence have been classified according to their underlying theoretical assumptions (Brubaker and Laitin 1998). Approaches which follow the culturalistic turn of sociology are counterpoised with more conventional concepts, based on the premises of rational choice theory. But the constant failure to relate empirical studies to one of these competing

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introduction 21/12/04 11:04 am Page 1 Introduction This book has evolved over nine years. The year 1993 saw the publication of my co-edited Colonial Discourse and Post-colonial Theory: A Reader, which was the first anthology of postcolonial cultural studies to appear in print.1 Since then the field has rapidly expanded into a major academic industry.2 Diaspora studies, black Atlantic studies, transnational studies, globalisation studies, comparative empire studies have emerged alongside and within the original field. My responses to the field’s developments

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International man of stories

shape it in their own image. Bruce King has argued that the ‘commonwealth writer in exile’ has, in a sense, stolen a march on his postmodern metropolitan contemporaries in assimilating and creating literary styles to represent the fissures of a ‘translated’, alienated existence. He says of these writers: They are deconstructionists, not out of the logic that led others from structuralism to post-structuralism, but from the experience of divided, uprooted, unassimilated lives; but they are also reconstructionists in that for those genuinely threatened by chaos the

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The bodyand counter-revolutionary warfare inapartheid South Africa

bodies resulting from counter-revolutionary warfare were recorded among the extraordinarily high number of ‘Unknown black males’ recorded in death registers across South Africa, re­flect­ ing the historical legacies of migrant labour, which resulted in high numbers of unidentified and unclaimed bodies; sometimes they were distinguished from the rest by the appellation terroris.35 Criminal investigations in South Africa do not require forensic pathologists to examine the crime scene. With no state pathologists outside of the main urban areas, post-mortems were conducted

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to personality clashes within and between parties than to any gulf of doctrinal incompatibility. However, the interaction between certain conjunctural events in the pre-electoral period and key institutional changes also pre-dating the elections combined to rebalance the party system in terms of its components if not in terms of its overall structure. Moving from left to right, a previously governing Communist Party which had seemingly survived the post-1990 collapse of many of its sister parties clung on with 4.8 per cent of the first-round vote and 21 deputies 1

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Credibility, dirigisme and globalisation

markedly from post-war ‘embedded liberalism’ (Ruggie 1982), dirigisme is articulated in a different, more circumspect, manner than was the case in the heyday of the French model (Zysman 1983). This presupposition in favour of dirigiste interventionism has come under increasing threat in the last twenty-five years from structural changes in global financial markets, from the European Union, and from the ideological ascendancy of neo-liberalism. The process of European integration, which gathered momentum after the 1984 Fontainebleau Summit, was built upon decidedly non

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A former founding father in search of control

and political participation in the 1980s, European integration became a matter of ‘positive indifference’. After the end of the Cold War, ideological controversies subsided, or virtually disappeared. The public at large lost interest in politics altogether. Only very down-to-earth and close-tohome issues such as safety in the streets, the stock exchange, career openings, private business, etc. could draw the public’s attention. Against this ‘post-modern’ background, the mid-1990s showed more 2444Ch13 3/12/02 316 2:05 pm Page 316 Member States and the European

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Entanglements and ambiguities

ruptures of functionalist and structural-functionalist anthropology with evolutionist (and diffusionist) principles on the grounds of their speculative procedures had wider consequences. They entailed a wider suspicion toward, the placing of a question mark on, history as such within the discipline. 1 Now the practice of anthropology could proceed in contradistinction to the writing of history. Second

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