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Core historical concepts reconsidered

still the political force that alone is capable of extending the great achievements of liberal democracy to all members of society. Or, as Albert Steck so aptly stated at the end of the nineteenth century: ‘As the old liberalism has brought down political class rule through political democracy so social democracy as the new liberalism has to bring down economic class rule through economic democracy. Social democracy is the daughter of genuine liberalism but not of the liberals’ (cited in Bieler 1960: 126). Notes 1 Some of the documents relating to this discussion can

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marches. Often genocidal regimes will document their practices, strangely enough, by photographing those they incarcerate or kill as part of the bureaucracy of genocide. Such was the case in Pol Pot’s Cambodia and in Nazi Germany, for example. Even in liberal democracies, the mug shot has its function in recording suspects and criminals as well as controlling populations and their movements more generally through identity cards, passports and other documents. And when photography first became available it provided a means for administrators to record the features of

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. It is to assume that the dominant models of rights and their categories of ‘human’ and ‘community’ represent the only or the superior forms within which these questions can be approached and that theories of liberal democracy are the only viable basis for a human rights practice. Most importantly, it is to assume that we have little or nothing to learn from others. And the message model of human rights promotion is mistaken not only in these substantive ways, but in its applicability: it is only in quite particular and limited circumstances that telling people

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Simone de Beauvoir and a Global Theory of Feminist Recognition

's groundwork in The Second Sex . The diversity of global misrecognition: The ‘resistance within commonality’ moment Although Beauvoir's focus on the lived experience of ambiguity seems, then, more attractive than Fraser's objectivism, a question that arises is whether her approach assumes that individuals may always, even outside the Western liberal

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from the principles which regulate communities or peoples. He can no longer be accused of having a view of the person as unencumbered or pre-social. For Rawls’s theory personality depends upon both the formation and pursuit of a conception of the good, and on being embedded in the political culture of liberal democracy, or at least a well ordered hierarchical society that respects human rights, which are

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A managerial perspective

, the growth of the nation state, liberal democracy, state monopolisation of the means of violence, and capitalist economic relations. 5 Despite the far-reaching consequences of simple modernisation, many aspects of traditional society remained unscathed. Traditional societies are mediated by ritual and reproduce themselves in a relatively unquestioning way because they

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bubbling up through the cracks of even the most oppressive monolith, with the most ruthless systems of terror and mind control. Luckily for the cause of human freedom its enemies fail because of the very strengths of free societies, the ability to question, criticise, challenge and seek out the best options for social change and experiment, the willingness to change when the facts change. The triumph of Western liberal democracy

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characteristic features. Virulent nationalism has exploded in former Yugoslavia and elsewhere with terrible consequences. The flood of migrants into Western Europe from Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe has provided fertile grounds for fascist-style propaganda. In many countries there seems to be growing disillusionment with liberal democracy itself as voters demonstrate low turn-out and opinion polls register deep cynicism about

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The parliamentary arena

, too, it appeared that the position of members of the Committee toward Kahane was based ultimately on their political persuasion. While representatives of left-wing parties sharply rebuked Kach and urged its immediate disqualification, the right-wing and Haredi factions tried to moderate the tone of the stance taken against Rabbi Kahane. One of the more compelling issues raised during the session addressed the very heart and core of the notion of the ‘Jewish ethnic democracy’. Contrary to liberal democracies that take care to sidestep issues

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the principles of liberal democracy (think about the ‘corrupt’ and often criticised and ridiculed case of the ‘Third Way’ of Sweden 22 ). As in many other cultures, in the US there is a widely felt need for something that would give meaning to life and world history. Because of its artificial nature and abstract individuality, this need may, indeed, be particularly strong in the

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