Hysterical tetanus in the Victorian South Pacific
Daniel Simpson

breakdown with imperial efforts to ‘civilise’ the South Pacific. Sympathetic to missionary proselytisation in the region, and desirous to bolster the standing of the Medical Department of the Navy, Messer suggested that tetanus was most likely to occur in victims possessing a ‘superstitious dread’ of poisonous arrows. The social, physical, and mental health of the inhabitants of the Santa Cruz group, and of those who visited, were therefore said to be contingent upon the spread of Christian belief and modern medical understanding. Only one year

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Borders, ticking clocks and timelessness among temporary labour migrants in Israel
Robin A. Harper and Hani Zubida

.haaretz.com/news/national/1.539543. Accessed 2 August 2016. Luhmann, Niklas (1967) ‘The future cannot begin: temporal structures in modern society’, Social Research, 43(1): 130–152. Moss, Dorothy (2010) ‘Memory, space and time: researching children’s lives’, Childhood, 17(4): 530–544. Mui, C. Ada (1996) ‘Depression among elderly Chinese immigrants: an exploratory study’, Social Work, 41(6): 633–645. Nakash, Ora, Maayan Nagar, Anat Shoshani, Hani Zubida and Robin A. Harper (2012) ‘The effect of acculturation and discrimination on mental health symptoms and risk behaviors among adolescent

in Migrating borders and moving times
Katariina Kyrölä

ARGUMENTS The feminist anti-​trigger warning arguments have mostly been made in the context of higher education, touching upon the use of such warnings online and in activist communities only in passing. The majority of such writing and engagement has simultaneously expressed compassion and concern for students struggling with racist, sexist, heterosexist and cis-​sexist or ableist  39 Vulnerability in the trigger warning debates 39 marginalisation, as well as mental health issues and sexual harassment and violence (Freeman et al., 2014; Gay, 2012; Halberstam, 2014a

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Bonnie Evans

and education but their approach was blinkered. ‘Mentally defective’ children were neglected as subjects of sustained psychological research and ‘styles of reasoning’ around autism were limited by the fact that a major section of the population was not included in the studies. The Mental Health Act 1959 saw the hidden population of children begin to reappear in families

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Conceptual and ethodological challenges for comparative analysis
Agnieszka Piasna, Brendan Burchell, Kirsten Sehnbruch, and Nurjk Agloni

benefits for mental health’, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 68:11, 806–12. Cattell, R. B. (1957), Personality and motivation structure and measurement (World Book Co.). Comin F. and Teschl, M. (2005), ‘Adaptive preferences and capabilities: Some preliminary conceptual explorations’, Review of Social Economy, 63:2, 229–47. Costa Jr, P. T. and McCrae, R. R. (1992), ‘Four ways five factors are basic’, Personality and Individual differences, 13:6, 653–65. Davis, L. E. (1977), ‘Enhancing the quality of working life’, International Labour Review, 116:1, 53. Digman, J

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Looking beyond the state
Anna Greenwood

preconditions for a patient’s return by ensuring that the mental health infrastructure was in place for their care. This highlights the intricate tripartite negotiations that had to occur, both within and beyond the state, to facilitate the repatriation of those regarded as being insane. This three-way dialogue simultaneously reinforced fundamentally racist ideas of the periphery of Empire (i.e. the

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Embodying the disappeared of the Argentinian dictatorship through law
Sévane Garibian

­ laries (the right not to testify against one’s parents or kin, the right to bodily integrity and the right to mental health). Argentina’s Supreme Court, from 2003, ruled several times on this question of the balance between the right to the truth and the right to privacy.28 In respect of minors, the Court’s tendency has always been to approve the imposition of DNA tests, on the principle of ‘the child’s best interest’, the right to privacy and the duty of the state to prosecute those responsible for the stealing of children. In respect of adults, the jurisprudence is

in Human remains and mass violence
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Bridget Byrne and Carla De Tona

to poverty and deprivation. These disadvantages persist through schooling: ‘lower family socioeconomic position is an important predictor of lower levels of educational attainment’ (Pickett and Vanderbloemen 2015: 4). The causal links between socioeconomic inequality and unequal educational outcomes are complex and multiple and include distribution of mental health problems, job security and debt which impact on parenting styles and consistency as well as the provision of good housing and nutrition. These factors also have an impact on parental ability to support

in All in the mix
Birgit Lang

nineteenth century, and by the tendency of literary works to aestheticise and idealise bourgeois life. By the late nineteenth century, this Romantic image of genius began to transform, despite much resistance from parts of the German public. For over two decades from the late 1890s onwards – roughly until the First World War – psychiatrists, psychoanalysts and the reading public were particularly captivated by the mental health and sex life of German creative writers, artists and intellectuals. For the sake of simplicity, all such individuals are throughout this chapter

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Tania Anne Woloshyn

media. 17 Light therapy for mental health, in the treatment of SAD and depression, and its ongoing use for dermatological conditions indicates it remains within mainstream medicine. In 2016, Prima magazine informed its middle-class, middle-aged female readers that, among its ‘16 Simple Steps to Help You Feel Fitter, Healthier and Happier Every Day’, number 7 was ‘Wear sunscreen every day’ and number 8 was ‘Don’t be D

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