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Bayly 06_Tonra 01 21/06/2011 10:23 Page 146 6 Healthcare policy for American Indians since the early twentieth century Stephen J. Kunitz In the English-speaking liberal democracies of North America and Oceania, European contact with indigenous peoples caused catastrophic population losses initially, and recovery only relatively recently. In addition, policies with respect to the treatment of the original indigenous inhabitants have been broadly similar, moving from subjugation to assimilation to self-determination (Kunitz 1994). In all four of the settler

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Complementary or incompatible ideals?
Andrew Mason

community, for it can allow difference to be truly respected. (When she talks of city life, she intends to include living in what we ordinarily call ‘towns’; her ideal is not restricted to the huge metropolis.)7 City MCK7 1/10/2003 134 10:28 AM Page 134 City life and community: complementary or incompatible ideals? life, as she conceives it, is a form of being together with strangers that involves encountering those with different cultures, histories and points of view.8 Modern cities can thereby cultivate a sense of difference: dwellers in them come to appreciate

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Britain a respect for ‘human rights and human needs’. 93 As Jan Pettman points out, ‘Human rights have long been associated with a western, liberal and individualistic approach to rights’. 94 Naipaul consciously represents his ideal of the individual as being grounded in ‘metropolitan assumptions about society: the availability of a wider learning, an idea of history, a concern with self-knowledge’. 95

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Practices, conflicts, and impact in the sixteenth century
Philippe Rogger

alliance, they kept alive the chance of one day being paid. In this respect, one might conclude that pensions were an extremely effective instrument of power; withholding payment enabled Henri III to consolidate his position. France’s high mercenary and pension debts thus did not have the centrifugal effect one might assume because of the diplomatic tensions they caused; rather, the faltering payments played a large role in stabilizing Franco-Swiss relations in the long term. Conclusion This assessment takes us back to our initial thesis that pensions implied

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glass production. The Moscow artist Vladimir Filatov called for building a relationship of artists with industry on the basis of ‘mutual respect and understanding of [common] interests, aims and needs’. Smirnov, who worked in many different areas of art and design simultaneously, acknowledged glassblowing as the truest embodiment of creativity. He described his cooperative work with a glassblower as ‘the most interesting: this is an exceptional opportunity to directly and naturally enrich art by incorporating the artistry of the glassblower, naïve and free, untouched

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Revolutionary nationalism and women’s representation in Ngugi wa Thiong’o
Elleke Boehmer

as well as women, it should be added).10 His own protestations notwithstanding, he has increasingly sidelined the colourful crowds of A Grain of Wheat (1967) with their songs and ribald badinage in favour of single dominant personalities who stand as points of moral focus in his texts. Significant in this respect is his report ‘Women in cultural work: the fate of Kamiirithu people’s theatre in Kenya’ (1983), in which the ostensible pro-woman stance is rather obviously grafted onto a fairly straightforward factual account of the experience.11 Related inconsistencies

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Louisa Atkinson’s recasting of the Australian landscape
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A botanist, journalist, taxidermist, and fiction-writer, Louisa Atkinson (1834–72) was the first Australian-born woman to publish a novel, and a stern critic of violence in the name of progress. Gertrude the Emigrant (1857) appeared when its author was only twenty-three, but by then Atkinson was already an accomplished nature writer and a highly respected botanical illustrator. 1 She had also begun to pen short stories for the local newspapers, and went on to publish five more novels (an additional novel, Tressa’s Resolve , was published posthumously

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, the members of the Frankfurt Parliament – including Von Reden – were sent home.22 Baden was one of the states that took some interest in the resolutions adopted by the international statistical congress. The Grand Duchy had sent illustrious professors – Robert von Mohl, Karl Mittermaier and Karl Heinrich Rau – to the first congress in Brussels. The Baden government was closely involved in the initiatives introduced at the congresses in Vienna in 1857 and Berlin in 1863 with respect to a common system of statistics in Germany.23 The German representatives at the

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pluralism and multiculturalism before the letter, was built on a Eurocentric cultural model of domesticity through which Muslim women would reach true freedom by a modernisation process that would ‘westernise’ them in every respect. Underlying French policy and discourse on Algerian women was a fundamental, and perhaps fatal assumption of an inevitable global progress by which all societies would, sooner or later, move from simple or primitive forms of organisation to a ‘higher’ phase of civilisation, a stage that was overtly or implicitly always imagined by reference to

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definition bad or inferior. Undoubtedly, more studies on news journalism need to be conducted with respect to its oral, informal methods – not least now, in the midst of the shift of journalism from industrial production to ‘an emotionally charged networked environment’ (Beckett & Deuze 2016 1). In earlier times, informal talk – gossip, among other things – was something that mainly took place through oral meetings face to face, whereas today informal talk is being transformed into a text–talk hybrid on the Internet, which, with its archiving functions, gives this hybrid a

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