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Environmental managerialism and golf’s conspicuous exemption

difficult to ascertain with complete certainty whether and the extent to which policy makers are swayed by lobbyists. Nevertheless, it is noteworthy that the IPM provision was one clearly favoured by industry in the prelude to the Cosmetic Pesticides Ban Act. As CGSA Director Ken Cousineau wrote in 2008, the CGSA, Royal Canadian Golf Association, National Golf Course Owners Association, and two Ontario-based turfgrass groups offered responses to the government’s initial proposals on the law. One shared element

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‘stream of consciousness philosophy of Henri Bergson’.20 She deduces that ‘in Paris in 1905 and 1907’ the ‘artistic death knell’ was sounded when ‘two separate and very different events ensured that the cultural traditions and certainties of the previous centuries were swept away for good . . . [fauvism and cubism] kickstarted modernism into existence’.21 With the exception of Read, all those quoted above are late twentieth-century critics, guilty, possibly, of imposing a pattern instead of deducing one. Use of the term ‘modernism’ itself, implying as it does a coherent

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inadequate to the hunger of the soul [. . .]. And I think I am not alone in longing for a time when literature will once more be concerned with life, and politics with the welfare of the people: and religion will fall back again upon reality: and pity and laughter return into the common ways of men.35 Masterman was a great friend of Ford’s.36 He also knew and worked with Frederick Myers at Cambridge.37 His elegy here concerns the movement away from ancient wisdoms and sanities, unconscious certainties that provided a framework for living as revealed in the literature of

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Debatable lands and passable boundaries

when the central male character, Garry, is shown pursuing ‘splendid generalities’ (84) at the expense of the specific. In his persecution of a particular woman, he denies his motives are personal: ‘It was not as a person that he wanted Louie punished, but as the embodiment of a disgrace’ (72). But Garry’s certainty in ‘splendid generalities’ is interrogated by the women in the novel, providing a critical opposition to any assumption by the reader of a male-universal connection. Shepherd’s fiction has been long neglected by virtue of her specificity in north

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Religious influences on the depictions of science in mainstream movies

). The threat of censorship during this period forced filmmakers to make decisions about which science to include or remove, based on reasons that had nothing to do with artistic merit, as they anticipated censure. The censors’ sense of moral certainty did not require them to even understand the science upon which they were passing judgement. Ultimately, the PCA and the Legion of Decency began to lose their influence in the 1960s owing to broader cultural changes, including 3  All information in this chapter on the PMPC comes from the individual film reviews in the

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Sustainability in Kim Stanley Robinson’s Science in the Capital trilogy

ineffective measures to address climate change. The system of reason that underlies economic forecasting requires complete certainty in order for business to ground their projections of growth. This simplification of reality mistakes the work of forecasting, which operates not on certainty, but possibility; climate change science offers scenarios or images of the future that are intended to inform current action through an assessment of possibility and risk. The complexity of Robinson’s use of structural comedy counters these economic simplifications to explore the social

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essential prerequisite for establishing the politics of virtue. Cultural criticism was then as essential to the war as political reform. While Jonathan Israel has powerfully reinstated the Dutch Enlightenment as a significant model for the radical assault upon Christian culture, the evidence presented here suggests that English society also had a notable role to play. Importantly the war of ideas in England was a battle for the minds of powerful men as well as the public, it was won by corroding religious certainties as much as by the positive affirmation of political

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nevertheless avoided drawing on too heavily in the case of the individual textual studies examined here. We should always remember Jameson’s own characterisation of the postmodern as a site of contestation rather than critical or definitive certainty, but several early interventions in the debates that have surrounded the postmodern are worth examining briefly here.7 The postmodern theorist Ihab Hassan’s oppositional list of binary categories, for example, might have been received with understandable scepticism, and be open to criticism for its portrayal of a clearly defined

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I have a great affinity. (As it happens, though this is incidental, there are also three shades of grey in my CMB personal colour guide.) That ‘capacity to mediate’ which Richter alludes to is very compelling, and if we substitute ‘uncertainty’ for ‘indifference’ then I feel sure this describes an important lifelong value of mine, though one I have only recently come to recognise, articulate and defend. My last book was called The Aesthetics of Uncertainty, and its project was to refuse certainties – especially uncritical, unconsidered certainties – in favour of

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Civil rites of passage

Movement as confrontations of good versus evil, and Pearce assembles scenes to locate this feature of the Montgomery struggle; white intransigence, often very vocal and translated into brute force, is opposed by black moral certainty and courageous calm. A pragmatic desire to maintain the domestic status quo that enables her own lifestyle, combined with something close to an altruistic concern for the

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