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Nicholas Atkin

trek to freedom was Pentonville Prison’, he writes, ‘where I spent six peaceful weeks in solitary confinement’. Conditions were not good: Most of the time – on the average fifteen to sixteen hours a day – the cell was pitch dark, because the alert usually came with the fading of daylight, 2499 Chap2 7/4/03 2:42 pm Page 41 Refugees 41 and the lights in the cell were then switched off to prevent us presumptive fifth columnists from signalling to the raiders.51 Deprived of matches, Koestler learned how to ignite cigarettes via the cotton wool of the filters

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Sukanta Chaudhuri

Pan should striue with me in song, Arcadia being iudge, Even Pan would say hee’s ouercome, Arcadia being iudge. O little boie begin to know thy mother by thy laughing: Ten months brought vnto mother thine both long and tedious toiles. O little boy begin to know thy mother by thy laughing, At whom thy parents laughed not when thou wast but a babe Ne god thought worthie of his boord, ne goddesse of hir bed. exchange, [trade in Orpheus neither . . . nor 39 furrowes . . . plow] In the Golden Age, there was no need to farm the land, which spontaneously yielded crops

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Robert Mackay

handbags, that more than half Britain’s needs of livestock foods come from India, as well as tea, rice hides, skins, cotton and manganese? THESE ARE THE SINEWS OF WAR’. And, as if anticipating the question ‘But will they reach us?’, the Ministry ran a concurrent poster campaign extolling Commonwealth naval strength. Borrowing for its title a phrase from Land of Hope and Glory, ‘MIGHTIER YET’, one of these described the navies of the Empire as ‘the most powerful seaforce chap4.p65 151 16/09/02, 09:25 152 EXPLANATIONS in the world’ and that it was being added to all