The case of Maghrebi Muslims in France
Florence Bergeaud-Blackler

France tend to buy the meat of young bovines because it is considered to be more tender. This meat is particularly low in price on the French market because it is discarded by non-Muslim butchers whose consumers consider it undesirable, ‘neither veal nor beef ’. This ignorance about what goes on before the delivery of the meat to the butcher is not unique to the Muslim population. Rather, it reveals the physical and symbolic distance built by urban society towards all that reminds people of animal death (Agulhon 1981; Vialles 1987). The fact that some claim to be able

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A reminder from the present
Pete Shirlow

and the growth in consumption have all been identified as sociopolitical forces that have advanced more heterogeneous senses of identity and belonging. The ‘death’ of an Ireland tied to the narratives of idyllic rurality, Gaelic custom, unionist triumphalism and devotion to the champions of ideological confrontation is interpreted as being paralleled by the customisation of new discourses of progress and postmodernity. Postnationalist readings maintain that identities in Ireland have and will continue to become less nation centred and more contingent upon choice

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Framing excess in a Swedish newspaper group
Elena Raviola

5 Just like any other business or a special case? Framing excess in a Swedish newspaper group Elena Raviola Few have missed the fact that the daily press is in crisis. Honestly, there has been so much nagging about it in the daily press that many readers have ended their subscriptions just to avoid reading more complaints about it. (Aagård, 2015: 5)1 Dramatic headlines about the more or less imminent death of the traditional daily press have, in fact, filled pages of newspapers, magazines, and even scientific journals. Since Philip Meyer (2004) predicted in The

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Association and distinction in politics and religion
Rodney Barker

token, can carry the weight of major communal antagonisms. In Poland in the autumn of 2010, following the death of the president and ninety-five others in an aeroplane disaster, the most immediate visual token of national mourning was the national flag with a black band across its surface. But the placing of an unassuming wooden cross in front of the presidential palace by a group of Scouts was followed by a prolonged dispute between conservatives and right-wingers, who surrounded it to prevent its removal, and secularists, who argued that religion and politics should

in Cultivating political and public identity
Laura Chrisman

immediate reasons as Parry, namely, offering a critique of Gayatri Spivak’s work for the ways it structurally excludes voices from certain parts of the world from being heard. Several years ago I published an article in Critical Quarterly, in which I argued that Spivak’s reading of Jane Eyre, particularly her contention that the Caribbean Bertha Mason’s death-by-fire required to be read in the context of colonial contests over Indian practices of sati, reflected an Indiacentrism found elsewhere in her work.6 I questioned the political effect of granting colonial

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The past, present and future of the English Defence League
Hilary Pilkington

on mosques and Islamic cultural centres. While this raised the profile of the movement in a negative way, the ferocity 40 Loud and proud: passion and politics in the EDL of the murder and the perpetrators’ own declaration that it constituted legitimate revenge for the death of innocent Muslims resulting from British military action abroad, aroused popular interest in the movement. Local divisions of the EDL reported numbers registering through their webpage as tripling within 48 hours of the murder. The first national demonstration after Lee Rigby’s murder

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Approaching golf and environmental issues
Brad Millington and Brian Wilson

rates for 686 golf course superintendents to rates for the general population. The researchers were especially interested in the reasons for and levels of mortality for the Caucasian male superintendent group they studied, compared to the general Caucasian male population in the United States. Kross et al . ultimately found that death rates attributable to non-Hodgkin lymphoma and to cancers associated with the brain, large intestine, and prostate were higher than would be expected for golf course

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Rodney Barker

church was enough to indicate to them the invalidity of his entire theological and organisational claims. 5 When in 1670 the archbishop of Mexico failed to lower the train of his robe in the presence of the viceroy, the gesture was deemed to threaten and was intended to threaten viceregal authority and that of the Spanish colonial regime. 6 In 2012 the reported burning of copies of the Koran by United States troops led to riots and death in Afghanistan. 7 During the French Revolution the allegation that royalist troops had trampled on tricolour cockades was a

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Jürgen Habermas and the European left
Robert Fine and Philip Spencer

delivered by a man who survived the ghetto liquidation at Kielce, the death camp at Auschwitz and two death marches: ‘How do we explain to our children and grandchildren that in the world in which we live … we diddle and daddle when it comes to mounting a rapid response to save people from destruction from a murderous regime? Oh, I know all the answers we give. They justify our inaction, and the lies we have conditioned ourselves into believing

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The victims' struggle for recognition and recurring genocide memories in Namibia
Vilho Amukwaya Shigwedha

centres were notorious ‘death camps’ where survivors were deliberately sent to die from the harsh environment or poor sanitation in the camps. It was during this period that an undisclosed number of skulls and 199 The return of Herero and Nama bones from Germany   199 skeletons were produced, beheaded from dead bodies, wrapped or boxed and prepared for a journey to pathological institutions in Germany. Humane and ethical norms were violated during this process of decapitation and the preparation of body parts for export. For example, it is claimed that Herero women

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