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The place of equal opportunity
Andrew Mason

basic liberty in his more recent book Political Liberalism . 28 But he accepts that freedom of occupation can be secured without the principle of fair equality of opportunity being satisfied. 29 Freedom of occupation, when it is conceived as a negative liberty in Rawls’s preferred way, in effect as the absence of state-directed labour, does not seem to require equal chances of success for the similarly endowed and motivated. (Nor does

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The nature of the development-security industry
Jenny H. Peterson

holistic and structured manner. T 43 4062 building a peace economy_2652Prelims 25/11/2013 15:06 Page 44 Building a peace economy? Ideological projects and processes: the impact of liberalism The development-security industry, both in terms of its response to war economies specifically and development and peacebuilding more generally, can be characterised as resting on distinctly liberal foundations. Liberal dominance in these fields has been accelerated and solidified since the end of the Cold War when the primary alternative collapsed, leaving a largely unipolar or

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Luke Martell

response has been to actively promote economic liberalisation, to encourage free trade across national boundaries, to promote competition and deregulation and to incorporate more and more nations within this framework. In this way the Third Way has further established the approach of the New Right – or neo-liberalism. This has been the case at least for the historically more

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John Narayan

‘glorify these gains and give no attention to the brutalities and inequities, the regimentation and suppression’ which plagued the system of economic liberalism (LW11: 296–7). This was no understatement. Although US society in the 1920s was one of apparent prosperity, it was still marked by severe racist segregation, economic inequality, regressive income tax, precarious employment, lack of industrial democracy and a relatively non-existent welfare state. By the time of the Great Depression, when such material inequality and the lack of means to deal with such conditions

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Alan Cromartie

’s decline and liberalism’s survival are no doubt functional with respect to market practices, but both create some rather obvious problems. If Locke’s ideas were wholly dominant, it is extremely hard to see how any government could be legitimate and stable, because legitimation based on Lockean self-conceptions encounters two important difficulties. The first is how to deal with the emergence of anti-Lockean moral theories. Locke

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Individuals acting together
Keith Graham

–xii; italics added). Chandran Kukathas objects that the communitarian view ‘neglects the fact that, even if individuals are constituted by the communities to which they belong, they are invariably members of different communities which contribute to the shaping of their lives in different ways and to different degrees’ (C. Kukathas, ‘Liberalism, Communitarianism and Political Community

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Tony Fitzpatrick

distribution? Brian Barry (2001) has launched a wide-ranging attack on the political theorists who champion multiculturalism, minority rights, difference and recognition, accusing them of fashionable incoherence at worst or, at best, of saying nothing that cannot be accommodated within a philosophy of egalitarian liberalism. Barry’s is an effective attack against those who would either abandon liberalism or else substantially reconstitute it around a differential politics of identity. At the extreme, this leads to a social morality of group separatism that was effectively

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Anna K. Dickson

to the principles of economic liberalism. Finally, a case study of the Banana Protocol is offered as an example of the type of choice with which the EU is faced. The experience of the banana dispute in the WTO is symbolic as it demonstrates that the substantive interests at stake in the CAP and the commitment to trade liberalisation override concerns about development and the socioeconomic costs of losing trade preferences for the ACP. The dominance of the market economy and the influence of the neo-liberal economic agenda in the EU The 1975 Lomé Convention

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Kevin Harrison and Tony Boyd

change (whatever that happens to be). This is the sense in which journalists and political commentators often use it. Thus we get the paradoxical situation where in extreme Marxist or Islamic regimes those who oppose ‘liberal’ reforms are often condemned as ‘conservatives’. Like socialism, and to a lesser extent liberalism, conservative thought comes in many varieties and there is considerable tension

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Heloise Brown

concentration camps were intended to make survival impossible for the guerrillas. In practice, they not only further angered them, but they relieved them of family responsibilities and possibly facilitated the continuation of the resistance. The internment of women and children meant that the war was divisive 164 feminist responses to the anglo-boer war for the British feminist movement, and produced a range of responses, both pro- and anti-war, due to Victorian feminism’s complex relationship to liberalism and imperialism. The most public feminist involvement in the

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