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Amikam Nachmani

, civic freedom and individual rights. Even when Turkey met the EU membership terms – reduction of subsidies and customs duties, restrictions on agriculture and emigration to EU countries, etc. – Europe continued to fall back on a Greek veto to keep Turkey out. As will be seen, Turkey seized upon the Gulf crisis as an opportunity to improve its standing in Europe and to break out of its isolation. Background: Turkey and Iraq – oil, water, the Kurds Turkish–Iraqi relations were notable for cooperation and correctness. There

in Turkey: facing a new millennium
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Balancing the self in the twentieth century
Mark Jackson and Martin D. Moore

rejected at the time, other approaches – most notably increasing the price of alcohol – were put forward as ways to reduce drinking at the population level. At issue was not simply the capacity of individuals to achieve healthy balance. Policy-makers weighed potential for improved health outcomes alongside individual rights, the social equity of reforms, effects on industrial and employment fortunes, Treasury income and electoral considerations. A growing focus on moderation may have expanded public health's target population, but a reliance on health education and ill

in Balancing the self
The origins and endurance of club regulation
Duncan Wilson

test affirmed that ‘the underlying trend in the English courts was that “doctor knows best”’.101 While philosophers took a similarly ‘hands-off’ stance, they did so for different reasons. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, work on ethics had formed a major component of philosophy. British philosophers such as David Hume, Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill claimed that acts should be guided by notions of sympathy, natural or individual rights and the utilitarian faith in increasing the happiness of the greatest number of people; and some of these ideas

in The making of British bioethics
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Perceiving, describing and modelling child development
Bonnie Evans

-specific’ legislation to be passed in the UK, demonstrating the significance of the autism diagnosis to reframing approaches to mental health care, social welfare provision and individual rights in the UK. In 2013, EU Aims, a major initiative to develop new treatments for autism, received the largest grant for any mental health problem in the whole of Europe, revealing the cultural capital and potential for revenue

in The metamorphosis of autism
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The state of surprise
Andrew Monaghan

. It is not entirely clear today where the sense of Medvedev’s liberalism came from. It appears to have been built on a mix of negatives and assumptions: he is not Putin, and not KGB, but a lawyer who decried legal nihilism and corruption in Russia, and who appeared to adopt a more tolerant approach to individual rights. His domestic priorities were seen to suggest a preference for modern technology

in The new politics of Russia
Martin D. Moore

from financial institutions to public and commercial life and examined the reformulation of auditing practices within government. 12 Such work has also examined the ways in which ‘ordinary’ people came to express desire for greater control over their lives, and to reinterpret collective identities in terms of individual rights. 13 The creation of the NHS had recast health as a basic social right within the public imagination, and demands for professional accountability and patient rights can be seen in the work of patient organisations. 14 These agencies helped to

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Relations between the European Union and Mercosur
Arantza Gomez Arana

America follows a cause-and-effect mechanism. Drawing upon the work of Dromi and Molina del Pozo (1996), Kanner (2002) also argues that the EU and Mercosur are ‘natural’ partners due to a series of factors, including the following: a common culture as a result of colonialism and a process of immigration between both regions; common political values; process of democratization; the development of open market economies; and, finally, both share a similar respect for individual rights and freedoms, the rule of law and have a common model of integration. However, in

in The European Union's policy towards Mercosur:
Richard Parrish

legal orders of the member states and confer on individuals rights which national Courts must protect. Once again, the ECJ referred its answers back to the national court for application. UNECTEF v. Heylens 198720 Although players are the most important feature of the sporting contest, many other individuals are involved in its production. In this connection, sports clubs also employ physiotherapists, coaches, dieticians, psychologists and trainers. Member states impose restrictions on foreign nationals wishing to take up such posts. For example, the individual in

in Sports law and policy in the European Union
John Marriott

paternalism and evangelism in the economic affairs of the Company. Ostensibly uniting the interests of Irish unionists, Glasgow merchants, Caribbean planters and officials in the thirteen colonies with those of the British state, this ethos provided an integrated empire within which individual rights and private property were secured. Imperium was unitary; Dominium divided. 41

in The other empire
Alex J. Bellamy

and illiberal rule. Much of its programme was concerned with ensuring individual rights and criticising the government’s record. It argued that ‘Croatia is today centralised, bureaucratic and metropolised’, there was ‘no public opinion’, and what public opinion there was ‘cannot have influence on either resignation of any minister or any serious consequence or social treatment’.116 The tension between political programme and national narrative, which caused the ambiguity within the SDP programme, also caused the fragmentation of the liberals into two parties. The

in The formation of Croatian national identity