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dream of the sporting life collapsed. In the last twenty-five years or so of his life he showed little interest in physical exercise, preferring the routine of a few close friends and Scotch whisky. The old-fashioned word ‘merchant’ suited him. His business partnership thrived for some years while various other ventures came and went. When he and his siblings inherited parcels of

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The patient had always considered himself intellectually inferior to his siblings and family generally, never having achieved an equivalent level of academic success. He did, however, have a maternal grandfather who was a published poet, and he was related to a well-known Irish poet. No other changes occurred until, after twelve years of treatment, the patient began to show symptoms of depression, aggressive and volatile behaviour, along with grandiose ideas, paranoid delusions, extreme circumstantiality, over-talkativeness and pressured speech. After various

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popular image of the child as a solitary thinker struggling to construct a personal understanding of the mathematical and logical properties of the physical world. But this image is now giving way to a view of the child being initiated into shared cultural understandings through close relationships with parents and teachers, as well as siblings and peers. 21

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Afternoon Tea in the Gardens of Clarence House , followed in 1900 by the very popular Children of the Royal Family of England showing the future Edward VIII ‘at play’ with his young siblings. Victoria was not only the first British monarch to be filmed; her reign became talismanic for producers eager to invoke its power and prosperity as the Empire was threatened with war, rebellion and economic collapse. On the eve of the Great

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, but solely through the sibling they had wrongheadedly killed. 33 Pointed circumlocutions like these open cracks in the frame surrounding the immediate action of the story, letting past and future in; they are condensed allusions to a legend everyone knew. Taken innocently, the epithet suhtergefæderan , ‘brother's son, father's brother’, describes an everyday kinship relation; read suspiciously, it is a mocking reminder of a particular family's disintegration. When a few lines later Wealhtheow

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the problems of coping with the separation from home and family and of fitting into a strange and in many ways unfriendly environment. While it is true that they were typically in the company of the familiar classmates and teachers of their city school and were thereby spared an absolute rupture of their previous situation, there were cases where siblings were billeted in different houses and in some cases in different villages. And children’s well-known ability to adapt to change should not lead us to accept at face value the official perception that the evacuees

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studies focused on literature, trumping his own works.106 Over 700 pages, with an encyclopaedic scope consisting of two parts and twenty-four chapters, Rank sets forth an overview of the literary depiction of subconscious incest phantasies between parents and children, and between siblings. His literary examples belong to the classical and Western canon, but also include observations concerning myth, legends and fables, and on the role of incest throughout history. Unlike Freud’s dialogic-psychoanalytic case studies, this work analyses the life histories and oeuvres of

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facilitates revision of prevailing conceptions of the relationship between progressive politics and modernism. It can be shown that Döblin’s experiments with the case study genre were unthinkable without his expert training in and first-hand knowledge of medicine. With his mother, Sophie, and four siblings, Döblin had moved to Berlin in 1888, after his womanising and occasionally violent father, Max Döblin, had abandoned the family. As the second youngest sibling, Alfred Döblin was the only member of his immediate family to complete secondary school and enter university

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milestones and indicators of child development in relation to autism. However, as with intelligence, genetic proof for autism had major political implications. The 1980s saw further work that supported the idea of a broad autism ‘phenotype’ characterised by impairments in social function. Reports from Britain and the USA found that siblings of children with the autism diagnosis often

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The pastoral responses of the Irish churches to emigration
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based in New York City, had a similar problem attending Mass while summering with her employers upstate. She thought this ‘the greatest difficulty in this country but we should not forget our confidence in Divine Providence and the blessed hopes of a Glorious immortality in a world to come’.26 Perhaps that confidence explains her later decision to relocate to Mobile, Alabama, where wages were higher but Catholic churches and priests – certainly of Irish extraction – may well have been less readily accessible.27 The obviously devout Fitzgerald siblings had something of

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