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An allegory of imperial rapport

referenced by the depiction of Logue’s shabby rooms as well as a shot of the street where he lives with his family, figured as a slum littered with refuse and street urchins. The Yorks meanwhile live in a grand house. The dialogue constantly raises social difference through Lionel’s casualness and Albert’s stiff-upper-lip aristocratic manner. The problem of hierarchy, however, stretches beyond the British class system to the

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The study of European Union relations with Mercosur

towards Mercosur. Also, it examines the links between that literature and the arguments related to the EU as a global actor. Furthermore, this chapter will also outline the methodological approach for this monograph. The discussion in Chapter 3 will focus on outlining the EU’s policy towards Mercosur by examining how the EU internal mechanisms operate in this area. In doing so, the legal basis for EU–Mercosur agreements and the consequent policy and decision-making rules will be outlined. Chapters 4 to 7 correspond with each of the three key stages in the development of

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The European transformation of the French model

the internal challenges of ‘Europeanisation’. Many political scientists still like to switch to French studies today, because the case of France serves as an excellent ideal type.2 Indeed, France is often cited as an example when it comes to clashes of ‘statecentric’ national political systems with the pluralistic multi-level system that is the European Union. The characteristics of the ‘French model’ are: the centrality of the state in mediation procedures; specific forms of interest representation and a privileged place for the central state level to enforce and

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Rousseau’s and nationalism

unenthusiastic in his autobiographical recollections of the projects. In Rousseau juge de Jean-Jacques: Dialogues,6 the most ruthless and colourful of his four texte autobiographique7 he notes simply – and without affection, Chap004.p65 75 11/09/03, 13:35 76 The political philosophy of Rousseau that in 1771 ‘Jean-Jacques devoted six months … first to studying the constitution of an unhappy nation [Poland], then to propounding his ideas on improvements that needed to be made in that constitution’ (‘employé six mois dans le même intervalle a l’examen la constitution d

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the trends in modernisation and area studies towards a dominant narrative of societal evolution. They did so from the margins of their disciplines. However, civilisational analysis –​such as it was in the 1960s and 1970s –​mirrored modernisation and area studies in other minor ways. The prevailing focus of the modernisation paradigm on society as a relatively discrete unit of research had an equivalent in civilisational studies. That equivalent lay in the conceptual cast of civilisations as discrete and internally transformative socio-​cultural entities, rather than

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From disaster to devolution and beyond

essential Conservative error was to treat these nationalisms as the same thing, which would lead to the break-up of Britain. Whilst Labour came to a rapprochement with rising national sentiment in Scotland, through electoral and internal pressure and attitudinal change, Conservatives stuck to a hardline position of opposition to constitutional change after the 1979 devolution referendum which contributed to the party’s unpopularity and anti-Scottish image. This image has proven difficult to shift and will likely prove a long-term legacy for Scottish Conservatives

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Bureaucratic politics in EU aid – from the Lomé leap forward to the difficulties of adapting to the twenty-first century

, after the French model, until very recently. At the same time the other members of the EEC discovered the limitations and distortions of the French perspective. For various reasons, the Commission was not in the forefront of those who pushed for change. It lacked a strong internal policy unit, although there were those who were aware of the inadequacies of what was happening. For the countries of ‘the association’ (officially the AAMS) were very much perceived as being ‘Europe’s chosen few’. (This term was coined by Morton and Tulloch (1977). Tulloch also published

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possesses an internal coherence anchored in a theological ideology, and the unleashing of a destructive undertaking. Thus, the dialogue between the Islamic judge and the narrator, an official from the Ministry of Justice, hinges on the fact that the cadavers were allegedly produced without a legal judgement, without a preliminary death sentence, which is judged unthinkable. A majority of the documented cases of the suppression of Iranian citizens in the 1980s are indeed the product of the judicial and peni­tentiary systems, as we will see below. What is at issue, more

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Democratisation, nationalism and security in former Yugoslavia

Three years after its initial deployment, KFOR strength had dropped to approximately 35,000 with further reductions to around 30,000 being mooted. 5 In addition to SFOR and KFOR, NATO deployed troops to Macedonia from the summer of 2001 to assist in ending the insurgency in that country and to support the implementation of the internal political settlement. 6 Although small in overall numbers, the

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suggest the strengths and the limitations of their respective theorisations in relation to a materialist postcolonial theoretical practice. This is best achieved, I believe, by an approach that combines immanent critique with a comparative technique whereby the three thinkers are set in dialogue with one another. I will here briefly outline their respective analyses, before proceeding to sections that focus on their conceptualisations of imperial culture and of space. chapter3 21/12/04 52 11:14 am Page 52 Imperialism If Said is prompted to correct and extend the

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