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Hannah Arendt’s Jewish writings

a permanent property of relations between Jews and non-Jews, there are periods and places in which it appears obsolete, a zombie-concept in the language of cosmopolitanism, only to re-emerge in surprising new forms. 6 Modern antisemitism has long historical antecedents, but what was more urgent than reviewing its pre-history was to think about why Jews were once again defined as a ‘question’ in modern times and how this was tied up with the concerns

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was also a patron of Association activities, had joint responsibility. 16 Although ZMA leadership always comprised a British (often non-medical) official, 17 it was not absorbed into the British colonial administration until 1947, principally because its reliance on external patronage would have been at risk if the British assumed dominance. The British contributed an annual grant (initially 4

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Mary Warnock, embryos and moral expertise

conscientious doctor who had acted ‘within the professionally accepted limits of paediatric practice’.62 Arthur also received public support from Jonathan Glover, who wrote in the London Review of Books that ‘a verdict of guilty would have been a morally undeserved calamity’.63 Glover used the Arthur case to reiterate the main points of his 1977 book Causing Death and Saving Lives, exploring the moral implications of non-treatment and promoting the benefits of ‘applied ethics’. He stressed that deciding whether or not to treat disabled babies was ‘not simply a legal or

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Female sexual agency and male victims

. That research across a range of fields suggests there are links between positions of power, non-maternal instincts and dangerous sexual promiscuity illuminates the sociopolitical investment in maintaining the myth of biologically determined gender ideologies. These ideologies, enforced by the mother’s position as nurturer or deviant, are equally informed by the sexual politics of power and desire as

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which immigration and immigration enforcement emerge as a problem are continually evolving. This includes not only how categories of ‘them’ and ‘us’ are open to revision but also how these categories can be mediated by moments of, and movements between, indifference, welcome, compassion and conviviality (see Brah, 2012/1999 ; Jones and Jackson, 2014 ). In the months following the Paris attacks, Britain's political debate increasingly focused

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section of the left in opposing any such divisive expressions of German nationalism. 9 They recognised the existence of national distinctions but refused to give them privileged status and challenged the dichotomy between ‘universal’ and ‘non-historic’ nations (‘us’ and ‘them’). 10 After Marx, however, orthodox Marxism took a nationalist turn, which was fateful in terms of its understanding of the Jewish question. In a context in which Jewish

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Self-entrapment in Waiting for Godot

. Vladimir’s desperate comments at the end of each act make this clear – the words reflect a dissociated state, a fear of non-recognition, or a fear that any recognition given will not endure. From Act I: Boy: What am I to say to Mr Godot, sir? Vladimir: Tell him … (he hesitates) … tell him you saw us. (Pause.) You did see us, didn’t you? (52) Act 2: Boy: What am I to tell Mr Godot, sir? Vladimir: Tell him … (he hesitates) … tell him you saw me and that … (he hesitates) … that you saw me. ( […] With sudden violence.) You’re sure you saw me, you won’t come tomorrow and

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The evolving international financial architecture

insolvency contagions (since the Asian contagion wreaked havoc on solid borrowers). It is not clear how the IMF would determine limits on how much could be loaned, or what the appropriate insurance fee would be. Soros has yet to provide more specifics for his global central bank (although he does not use the term). As it stands now, Soros’s idea of an international public insurance corporation seems to be a non-starter. Claiming that the IMF and the World Bank have become “increasingly duplicative,” James Burnham (1999) calls for the merger of the two 287 The Asian

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Ecopoetics, enjoyment and ecstatic hospitality

Humanities Corner of the Australian Humanities Review, under the revised title ‘Nature in the Active Voice’. Here, Plumwood differentiated her depth model of sustainability from conventional constructions of both ‘deep ecology’, with its prioritisation of ‘wilderness’ preservation, and ‘shallow ecology’, with its privileging of exclusively human interests. Instead, she proposed a ‘mixed framework’ that reveals how ‘human-centredness can have severe costs for humans as well as non-humans’ (2009: 116). Rejecting the ‘pernicious false-choice’ of the deep/shallow divide

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Roman ‘tyranny’ and radical Catholic opposition

discussion, however, is that the so-called 168 Italy: Roman ‘tyranny’ and radical Catholic opposition deist movement was nowhere more conspicuous by its absence than in the Italian peninsula, where the critique of perceived papal despotism and superstition was left in the the surprisingly effective hands of radical Catholics. The discussion will, therefore, focus little on the absence of deists and concentrate on examining the radical Catholic challenge and its general context. By some, Jansenists have been regarded as non-representative of the general Catholic reforming

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