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Producing flexi-corporatism

The restructuring of work in Germany

Louise Amoore

fierce criticism and debate over the traditional role of German banks in holding shares and ‘talking up’ their corporate partners. The tensions between the short-term decisions fostered by the principle of shareholder value, and the consultative and longer-term dynamics of bank-based capital, have thus become central to German debates on the restructuring of bank-industry relations. As Michel Albert has it: ‘… in the Rhine model, the “golden boys” and their breathless exploits on the floor of the Stock Exchange are conspicuously absent. Banks, not stock markets, are

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Marta Iñiguez de Heredia

the interests of Rwanda and allies in the region, as well 191 Everyday resistance, peacebuilding and state-making as to the perception that the instability of the region is primarily due to the DRC as a failed state. It is difficult to ascertain what the future of the DRC will look, but it is possible to see several transformations and continuities in the short term. Firstly, this context will be marked by a broader transformation that the entire region is undergoing, as Prunier has identified. However, the new modernising process has not only governments

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Philip Nanton

elected, and allowed the legal process to exhaust it’ (Gonsalves, 2010b : 360). 9 ‘Perhaps’, Gonsalves writes, ‘no achievement of the Comrade ranks higher in terms of its human impact, and the short term and long term implications for the enrichment of the country’ (Gonsalves, 2010b : xii

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Neither Boston nor Berlin

Class polarisation and neo-liberalism in the Irish Republic

Kieran Allen

increasing tendency to ‘downsize’ and replace permanent workers with ‘contingent workers’. The latter are temporary employees, often hired on short-term contracts or through employment agencies. Between 1978 and 1995, the top 100 US companies laid off, on a net basis, no less than twenty-two per cent of their workforce.8 Employment eih ch-3.P65 57 26/3/03, 15:09 58 Allen through temp agencies grew by 116 per cent between 1988 and 1996.9 Another way in which living standards were attacked was through a series of ‘give-backs’ – a euphemistic term for wage cuts

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Shakespeare’s genius

Hamlet, adaptation and the work of following

John J. Joughin

The survival of Shakespeare’s plays continues to demonstrate that literature means different things to different people in different contexts. To say that this facility for reinvention and restaging seems to be valued is not to reduce the evaluative to a prescriptive form of interpretation – indeed, the range of ways in which those texts we now term canonical continue to be valued and reinterpreted, often from diametrically opposed points of view, suggests rather the contrary. In considering the question of Shakespeare’s ‘uniqueness’, Stanley Cavell points us to the

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‘The Killer That Doesn’t Pay Back’

Chinua Achebe’s critique of cosmopolitics

Laura Chrisman

explaining why it resonates today. chapter10 21/12/04 11:25 am Page 159 ‘The Killer That Doesn’t Pay Back’ 159 It is no surprise that Achebe should select the institution of the Post Office to launch his attack on imperialism. From Things Fall Apart onwards, Achebe has evinced a strong concern with media – in both a broad sense, as a term for the different technologies and agents through which power is channelled – and in a narrow sense of verbal communications. Without the African court messengers in Things Fall Apart, the British imperial project could not proceed

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John J. Hurt

decline merely coincided with, and was not caused by, the price regulations of Louis XIV. But common sense tells us that the edict of December 1665 contributed powerfully to ending an era of capital appreciation upon which, significantly, the magistrates depended to make their offices profitable during their years in office.35 However imperfectly obeyed in the short term, the reform edict ultimately damaged the interests of the magistrates. The Dutch War obliged Colbert to abandon his plans to reform venality. The paulette could not be suppressed, since augmentations de gages

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Terrell Carver

Introduction Like all concepts in political theory, gender has a history. Unlike most of these concepts, though, the history of gender is comparatively short. The term itself originated in the nineteenth century, arising in the context of descriptive and diagnostic social sciences of human behaviour. It was only adopted into political theory, as a result of a political process of struggle, about 100

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The stuff of tragedy?

Representations of Irish political leaders in the ‘Haughey’ plays of Carr, Barry and Breen

Anthony Roche

Haughey during the decades when the country itself was running up huge debt and the workers were being urged to exercise self-restraint with regard to their demand for wage increases. How, it was increasingly asked, could Haughey maintain such a life-style on a mere politician’s salary? Haughey’s style of leadership encouraged either unquestioning loyalty or determined opposition, not just in the country as a whole but more critically within the Fianna Fáil party itself. On the three occasions during the 1980s where he went to the country seeking an overall mandate, he

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Pertti Joenniemi

become conceptually inapplicable? For most observers the term ‘war’ remains good enough. In their view, war is well and alive. The bombing campaign in Kosovo may not correspond to the Clausewitzian definition of war, but war antedates the modern state by a good number of millennia, and is therefore more than the continuation of statist policies by other means. Hence, the concept’s transcendental nature