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the region (of which China disapproved), and helped tighten the security relationship between the Republic of South Korea (ROK) and Japan. Frustrations in Washington over North Korea intensified towards the end of Obama’s second administration as bipartisan support for a more assertive or aggressive policy grew. Obama therefore set the stage for a more aggressive American stance for his successor to the White House, yet no one anticipated the intensity of the rhetoric which President Donald Trump would employ as he threatened ‘fire and fury’ and total annihilation

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City DNA, public health and a new urban imaginary
Michael Keith and Andreza Aruska de Souza Santos

history of comparative studies in the social sciences, but for the purposes of this volume it is perhaps most important to emphasise how different chapters make visible similar logics in rapidly changing empirical contexts. The emergence of four decades of exponential growth in China since Deng’s ‘opening up’ qualifies any suggestion that the country’s urban transformation constitutes a form of urbanism of the global south. The ‘modernisation’ of cities in Brazil and South Africa qualifies the extent to which urban transformation can be seen straightforwardly through a

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small brown leather handbag] This how much? Ciro: Thirty. Woman: Give me twenty-five. I buy four. Ciro: Is not possible. This is not Chinese. This is all Made in Italy – excellent quality! Woman: Please, please! They continued to negotiate prices, with Ciro explaining that he generally only gave a discount on larger purchases. He relented and the woman bought five bags at €25 a bag. She and her partner started to pack the purchases in a large holdall they had brought with them. The woman’s child was leaning out of the buggy, touching the handbags

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Disease, conflict and nursing in the British Empire, 1880–1914
Angharad Fletcher

geography all played their part; and comparisons between such sites expose municipal deficiencies, assigned culpability and administrative solutions that were often strikingly similar. Case study: plague in Hong Kong Carol Benedict argues that the outbreak later referred to globally as the third plague pandemic probably originated in the Chinese 46 Imperial sisters in Hong Kong province of Yunnan in the 1850s. Intermittent rebellions against the Qing court, and a lucrative trade in opium and tin, provided corridors for inland disease reservoirs to costal ports such as

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2504Chap5 7/4/03 12:40 pm Page 86 5 Transboundary water management and security in Central Asia1 Stuart Horsman Central Asia is subject to a number of major environmental concerns, including the desiccation of the Aral Sea, the depletion and degradation of river and irrigation waters, and the consequences of Soviet and Chinese nuclear weapons testing at Semipalatinsk and Lop Nor, respectively. Riverine water, particularly when linked with irrigated land, is perhaps the only one of these environmental issues that demonstrates a ‘probable linkage between

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Vietnam directed allegations against each other, and eventually, in December 1978, Vietnam invaded Cambodia. 11 The invasion took place in the wider context of the intra-communist political tension between the Soviet Union and China. 12 The Khmer Rouge were an ideological and strategic ally of China before, during and after their short-lived reign. Hanoi, however, was

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Chapter 3 shows how the Nixon–Heath relationship deteriorated to such an extent that both Nixon and Kissinger would declare that the special relationship was over. Indeed, both intelligence and nuclear collaboration between the two sides were suspended on a number of occasions at Washington’s behest. This chapter highlights that US–UK relations had assumed a virtually antagonistic agenda because of differences surrounding what Henry Kissinger termed the ‘Year of Europe’. It is also in this chapter that the Nixon-Kissinger notion of coercive diplomacy, as usually associated with their diplomacy towards the USSR, Red China and North Vietnam, was also applied to their handling of the US-UK relationship. Therefore, in order to encourage Edward Heath to take a more positive attitude towards the ‘Year of Europe’; to persuade him to support the US’s Middle East diplomacy, and to convince the prime minister to side with the United States at the Washington Energy Conference, the United States, largely under the direction of Henry Kissinger, suspended nuclear and intelligence cooperation with their British ally and made a number of threats regarding future security commitments to Europe and to the world economic system. As shown, this had the desired effect upon London and resulted in Heath changing policy course.

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). Figure 6 shows a view of the Arctic where the relevant lines are neither political borders nor bird migration routes, but a comparatively local view of usage pathways of Inuit hunters moving on the land. The lines were created through GPS mapping software that Inuit hunters attached to their snowmobiles. A fourth map, not reproduced here but available in Jakobsen (2010:  4), was made by Hao Xiaoguang and was utilised by the Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration from the 34 newgenrtpdf 35 Figure 4  Map of global migration routes of birds with nesting grounds in

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Juvenile actors and humanitarian sentiment in the 1940s
Michael Lawrence

upon whom devolves the unwonted task of shepherding an increasing flock of refugee kids across war-racked France at the time of the Nazi breakthrough’. 29 In The Amazing Mrs Holliday , hereafter Holliday , a young missionary (Deanna Durbin) arrives in San Francisco having fled China along with a group of orphans of various nationalities, and pretends to be the widow of a Commodore Holliday (who

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to summarise what Arnason, Bellah and Eisenstadt are agreed on. Japan’s civilisational animus formed in the course of historical experiences in East Asia. A  critical juncture was reached in the seventh century, when the Taika Reforms were adopted. Reform of the structures of state, the conduct of government and the figuration of court and provincial powers consolidated Japan’s imperial sovereignty over two centuries. The collective experience of adoption and reconstruction of outside models was the common element of all the reforms introduced from China. A

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