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the real thing. Moreover, Shakespeare would surely never have rendered her so literally ... especially as he was supposed to have inherited her from his patron, the Lord Chamberlain Hunsdon, one of Elizabeth’s most formidable warriors and protectors. The aristocracy were touchy about family scandal.’ 13 On the contrary, Ms Aiello shrewdly argues that only some concealment of the

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Dimitris Tsarouhas

controversy well before the election campaign, the rate of unemployment was making headlines for months, as the government claimed much lower rates of unemployment than the ones reported by international organisations. The opposition was quick to accuse the government of misleading the public and eventually managed to persuade voters that the SAP was unable to offer solutions to the problem. In combination with a slow trickle of minor scandals which dented the reliability of key ministers and the objectivity of civil servants, the belated recognition by the SAP that

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ethnic communities. This includes the right to hereditary land, national identity and full sovereignty. (DVU 1993) 6 A lot of these short factual presentations deal with scandals or failures in politics or negative aspects of Jewish businessmen and Israel. chap3 28/5/02 13.31 68 Page 68 Germany With the term ‘hereditary land’ the party refers to the territories to the East of the Oder-Neiße border, including parts of Poland, Russia, Ukraine and the Czech Republic. Though the terminology seems to indicate a clearly ethnic nationalist argument, based on the

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An instituted economic process approach
Mark Harvey

grant trading licences within the market, and eventually also rights to levy tolls (1813). So the market itself had formal institutional characteristics alongside its ‘instituted economic’ functions. By the end of the nineteenth century, however, there were massive problems of congestion and economic irrationality with the overlapping and conflicting interests of other London markets. The unlikely combination of Punch and the Fabian Society (1897) waged vigorous campaigns against the scandal of ‘Mud Salad Market’, the latter arguing for the necessity of an integrated

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, and
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controversial in the political arena and at the level of everyday life. But that this can be attributed primarily to crises and scandals regarding safety is a moot point. Though several papers attribute considerable importance to highly publicised episodes like BSE, none presumes that this is a sufficient basis for the current attention to food. For many other changes in the organisation of the food system have occurred independently. Some are to be found in the upper reaches of the food supply chain, a result of globalisation of sourcing, transformation in the agro

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Changing meanings of the countryside in northern Italy
Jaro Stacul

the north, particularly after the 1950s, is one of the most significant (Bull and Corner 1993). Yet what also challenged the aforementioned dichotomy were the transformations in the political arena Italy underwent in the 1990s: the economic crisis and the corruption scandals that led to the demise of the governing Christian Democratic Party A ‘private place’? 31 brought about a situation of political instability. Such changes were accompanied by the gradual decline of the Italian State as the main framework controlling the national economy and containing its

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263 Ibid., pp. 250–251. Ibid., pp. 266–268. Ibid., pp. 277–286. Ibid., pp. 288–290. Ibid., pp. 298–304. Several books by Hans Herbert von Arnim have focused on a variety of abuses and even scandals in compensation packages in several Länder in the past decade. See, for example, Der Staat als Beute, Staat ohne Diener, or, for a book about federal office holders, Der Staat sind wir!, all published by Knaur, 1993 and 1995. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (5 October 1996), p. 4. Legislators in California receive $99,000 as of January 1999, whereas legislators in New

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The Peace Society and women
Heloise Brown

difficult to distinguish between what the Society advocated as religious ethics, and what were its practical policies.32 Unlike its effects, the cause of the split was relatively trivial. The Executive Committee discovered that its subscription agent, Lewis Appleton, had been collecting subscriptions and donations and failing to pass them all on to the Society. He was dismissed and immediately began to organise a ‘rival’ society that he tried to build up using his Peace Society contacts. This was not difficult as the scandal was kept private and subscribers had no

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Pasts and presents
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emotional register of anything like the reaction to grooming scandals that accompanies the white family. These families are not mourned. More often than not, such violence is rationalised and made unthinkable precisely because they do not fit within the dominant codes of who is family. In light of the discussions that have run through this book, the place of whiteness and family must also be understood with regard to its contingency and flexibility. Liberalism remains a violent project of domestication but it is also one of inclusion. Borders include and exclude. We

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Shérazade and other women in the work of Leïla Sebbar
Margaret A. Majumdar

witnessed only by those who are authorised to watch – all other eyes being banished (Le Fou, p. ). In ‘La Photographie’, the forcible unveiling of the women is treated as an act of violence perpetrated by the colonising power against the colonised. The transgression of a religious taboo is not at issue. Elsewhere, however, Sebbar has written critically of religious attitudes to the veiling of the female body: for instance, in her open letter to Taslima Nasreen she talks of the perceived need by clerics to control the ‘scandal’ of the female body by veiling what might

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