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Global Britishness and settler cultures in South Africa and New Zealand
Charles V. Reed

, no. 4 (December 2009 ): 599–617; Andrew Thompson, ‘The Language of Loyalism in Southern Africa, c. 1870–1939’, English Historical Review 118, no 477 (2003): 617–50; Dubow, ‘How British Was the British World?’; John Lambert, ‘The Last Outpost: Natalians, South Africa, and the British Empire’, in Settlers and Expatriates: Britons over the Seas , OHBE Companion Series

in Royal tourists, colonial subjects and the making of a British world, 1860–1911
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Crisis, reform and recovery
Shalendra D. Sharma

led by rogue elements of the Indonesian armed forces.56 In Jakarta alone some “5,000 buildings were damaged or burned and close to 2,000 vehicles were torched” (Azis 1999, 86). Suharto’s son-in-law, General Prabowo Subianto, head of the powerful kostrad (strategic military command based in Jakarta), tried to exploit the situation further with threats and claims that the military was fully behind Suharto (Emmerson 1999, 306–9). In this uncertain and chaotic environment expatriates, businesses and capital fled Indonesia – including the IMF and World Bank staffers based

in The Asian financial crisis
Sukanta Chaudhuri

Pastoral Poetry of the English Renaissance contains the text of the poems with brief headnotes giving date, source and other basic information, and footnotes with full annotation.

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