Theatre of Debate
Simon Parry

cancer depend on a number of factors beyond these genes; so testing positive for BRCA 1 or 2 only means an increased probability of developing breast cancer rather than its certain onset. Breast cancer can of course be developed without either of these genetic profiles. Neuroscience and its evolution, alongside changing conceptions of mental health, was also a recurrent theme from the 1996 production of Cracked by Nicola Baldwin through to the 2012 play Stunted Trees and Broken Bridges by Ben Musgrave.9 Genetics and neuroscience are both clearly burgeoning areas of

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The failure and success of a Swedish film diversity initiative
Mara Lee Gerdén

project addressing mental health among immigrants, and how this phenomenon is made invisible and thus extremely difficult to approach. And lastly, the project of artist Aida Chehrehgosha could be seen as part of an ongoing artistic project of hers approaching the family, this time with a focus on the intra-​generational aspects through which histories of pain and love are handed down. The ambitious aim of developing a film project over one year was to be realised with a series of rapid and professional networking encounters, workshops and seminars. The budget was

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The origins and endurance of club regulation
Duncan Wilson

certainly the case with the National Association for Mental Health, which rebranded itself as MIND under the leadership of the American lawyer Larry Gostin 44 The making of British bioethics and began to expose professional misconduct and campaign for a ‘rights-based’ approach to mental illness.151 But the ‘backlash against professional society’ did not emanate solely from new social movements, a critical media or a disaffected public. Indeed, one of the earliest and strongest critiques of medicine, which contributed to public unease and influenced campaign groups

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Mark Jackson

–97. 70 N. R. Kavinoky, ‘A balanced life for mental health’, Marriage and Family Living , 6 (1944), pp. 41–2, 58, 64. On the impact of these debates on regulating duty rosters in the airline industry, see Chapter 7 by Natasha Feiner. 71 Kavinoky, ‘A balanced life for mental health’. 72

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James Schuyler
David Herd

first of numerous similar episodes in Schuyler’s life. His mental health was quite frequently fragile, such that, as William Corbett observes in the Selected Letters, he was unable, after 1961, to hold down regular employment, and such that through the 1970s and the first half of the 1980s, he was several times hospitalised (SL, 135). During one such period of hospitalization in 1975, he wrote ‘The Payne Whitney Poems’, subsequently published in his 1980 collection The Morning of the Poem. In that short, deeply moving, diary-like cycle, Schuyler presents in miniature

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‘Case history’ on violence against women, and against women’s rights to health and to reproductive health
Sara De Vido

equipped to welcome her and her dis­abled child. Even after she did manage to leave the apartment where they lived, her husband continued to stalk and beat her, as ten medical certificates demonstrated. She claimed that her physical integrity, physical and mental health, and life were at 27 DE VIDO 9781526124975 PRINT.indd 27 24/03/2020 11:01 Violence against women’s health in international law serious risk and that she lived in constant fear. Criminal and civil proceedings started against the husband, without success. A.T. complained that the state had failed to

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Lessons from case studies from the South and North
Rajesh Tandon and Edward T. Jackson

the Southern cases. Both types of engaged scholarship seem to have been necessary in order for these partnerships to achieve meaningful gains. It is interesting to note that European cases suggest much engagement of students and faculty from multiple disciplines of enquiry. In CUPP at Brighton, faculty members from mental health, community service, child development and social work came together initially; some students got involved as well, but new faculty engagement depended on resource availability. In the two cases which involved science shops, students were the

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An introduction
Budd L. Hall

countries are at the favourable ‘low’ end, and almost always, the UK, the US and Portugal are at the unfavourable ‘high’ end, with Canada, Australia 3 MUP_Hall.indd 3 30/07/2013 17:16 knowledge, democracy and action and continental European countries in between. What is so powerful in their research is evidence that both the rich and the poor fare better in societies with less inequality. And this is true whether one speaks of mortality and morbidity, educational outcomes, mental health, obesity, violence or the status of minorities. It is the unequal world, however

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The growth and measurement of British public education since the early nineteenth century
David Vincent

-widening range of practices. A cursory search produces arts, computer, critical, cultural, design, diaspora, ecological, emotional, financial, health, information, media, mental health, multimedia, physical, racial and scientific literacies. In some cases the original meaning of literacy as the capacity to decode written communication is being extended to engage with the products of the electronic revolution. ‘Media Literacy’, explains the UK government’s OfCom, ‘is the ability to access, understand and create communication in a variety of contexts’ (Office of Communication

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Applied drama, ‘sympathetic presence’ and person-centred nursing
Matt Jennings, Pat Deeny, and Karl Tizzard-Kleister

pioneering collaboration, Drama lecturer Dr Matt Jennings has worked with nursing lecturers Pat Deeny and Mary Findon-Henry to improve the communication and interpersonal skills of UU adult nursing and mental health nursing students since 2013. The project initially intended simply to improve the nursing students’ performance in the role-play assessments used to evaluate their clinical skills in the final year of their studies. However, as the project developed, it emerged that specific techniques derived from drama training provided nurses with a systematic approach to

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