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Nuns’ narratives in early modern Venice

, perhaps, considering the customary intransigence of the Venetian republic in response to the dictates of Rome, the State lent its secular arm to the Church in support of the drive to enclose female religious houses. Since the early sixteenth century, the government had busied itself increasingly with matters of conventual discipline. By the time of Laura Querini’s trial, the secular legislation on nunneries had reached its zenith. In 1605, the Venetian Council of Ten produced its toughest law to date against unauthorised intruders, for the first time prescribing the

in Judicial tribunals in England and Europe, 1200–1700
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Lessons for the Conservatives?

Republicanism that did not prescribe a rigid moral code for others to follow. Fifthly, although party identifiers were overwhelmingly white, a number of Republican governors made systematic attempts to court the minority vote. George W. Bush, in particular, actively sought to reach out. As Boris Johnson recorded in February 1999: Not only does he sloganise in Spanish. He speaks it . . . He makes long speeches full of the test score of Texan African-Americans; he calls in Hispanic adolescents who have learned to read successfully, and uses them as props for his orations.32

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Directrice, who is my friend’,40 and she dedicates The Backwash of War to ‘Mary Borden-Turner[,]‌“The Little Boss” to whom I  owe my experiences in the zone of the armies’;41 but in her fifth chapter, ‘A Belgian Civilian’, she seems to satirise the way in which Borden scolds a Belgian mother for not remaining with her dying child, when Borden herself has left three children at home in England to pursue ‘the life and adventures of the Front’.42 82 The hell at the heart of paradise One of the truths that La Motte is anxious to convey is that, in fact, life in the zone of

in Nurse Writers of the Great War
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repudiated. Such movements have had some success. One example is the National Front in France. The National Front appeals to the working classes and lower middle classes threatened by globalisation, job losses, insecurity, immigration, big business and the far left. The 1986 National Assembly elections, using proportional representation for the first and only time during the Fifth Republic, resulted in the

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Regina Maria Roche, the Minerva Press, and the bibliographic spread of Irish gothic fiction

that were reprinted in the early Republic at the turn of the nineteenth century had first been issued in London by the Minerva Press. At this time, more Minerva Press novels were reprinted in America than novels issued by any other British or European publisher’. 65 As a result, Bannet argues, the Minerva Press critically facilitated ‘the transatlantic migration of texts’ in the Romantic period. 66 Figure 4 Map of the publication

in The gothic novel in Ireland, c. 1760–1829
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’). The most important aspect of the party’s xenophobic propaganda, however, is Islamophobia. Fundamentalism is seen as the logical consequence of Islam: ‘a doctrine, which preaches holy war, assassination, forced conversions, oppression of women, slavery and extermination of “infidels”, will automatically lead to what we now call fundamentalism’ (VLB 6/93). Muslims are portrayed as the fifth column of a cruel and expansionist religion. As a consequence of the Gulf war, for instance, the VB called upon the government to immediately make a list of repressive measures

in The ideology of the extreme right

three examines the first major breakthrough for the socio-cultural coalition – the annexing of a Declaration on Sport to the Treaty of Amsterdam in 1997. The fourth section analyses the impact of the Declaration and examines the birth of the ‘new approach’ to sports policy 162 Sports law and policy in the European Union established throughout 1998 and 1999. The fifth section examines the 2000 Nice Declaration on Sport. Section six provides the concluding comment. The birth of socio-cultural ideas 1984–1995 The birth of a socio-cultural sporting agenda can be traced

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Crisis, reform and recovery

the Fifth Republic – inaugurated by the passage of the September 1980 constitution. The Chun regime introduced financial liberalization as part of its overall structural adjustment program. In its effort to channel curb market funds into formal financial institutions and mobilize savings, interest rates were partially liberalized.25 Notable developments in capital markets during the period include the establishment of an over-the-counter stock market in 1987, providing a market for small and medium companies and venture businesses not eligible for listing on the Korea

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Imitation of Spenserian satire

14/10/2016 15:36 After the Bishops’ Ban 151 Drayton’s poem connects James to the royal line of Scotland by referring to James V: “The fifth of that Name, Scotlands lawfull King, / Father to Mary (long in England seene) / The Daulphins dowager, the late Scottish Queene” and helpfully notes in the margin that Mary was “Maried whilst he was Daulphin,” referring to her marriage to James Hepburn, Fourth Earl of Bothwell, the presumed murderer of her second husband (and James’s father), Lord Darnley (lines 100–2). Of course the reason Mary was “long in England seene

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The evolving European security architecture

the overall European landscape when the EDC plan was overturned by an unholy alliance of Gaullists and communists in the Assemblée Nationale in 1954, and, once the Fifth Republic had been established in 1958, de Gaulle dominated European politics. As a non-member, Britain was not directly involved in the debate and did not gain much credibility or sympathy by trying to undermine the Community (the creation of the European Free Trade Area (EFTA) in 1960) 156 Theory and reform in the European Union and by signing agreements with the US on military (including

in Theory and reform in the European Union