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Parlement’s jurisdiction over the currency and argued that the edict would harm the French by costing them gold and silver in the reminting process and by subjecting them to inflation, the latter also damaging to the state. Orléans rejected all these points on the spot and the mints began to turn out the new coins, just as Mesmes had feared.7 On 20 June, in an extraordinary decree, a frustrated Parlement authorized oral and written remonstrances for the revocation of the May edict. Since the regent intended to dispose of this issue through remonstrances, this in itself

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Peckover House remains in Wisbech today, having been bequeathed to the National Trust when the last of the three nieces, Alexa, died in 1948. In addition, a large number of the surrounding buildings, including the Friends’ Meeting House, were financed by various members of the family.4 Priscilla Peckover’s inspiration to join the peace movement came, appropriately, in 1878, just a year before her youngest niece, Anna Jane, turned eighteen. At Quaker Meetings, the eighth query from the Book of Discipline, ‘Are you faithful in bearing your Christian testimony against all

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vary praxis of disciplinary power, since the creation of various practices and technologies of discipline led to the unavoidable discovery of the limits of coercion. But it also discovered a new frontier: the tuning and optimization of all that is capable of self-regulation (individual humans but also their social systems). Whether referring to various so-called ‘technologies of the self’, to the market or to populations, the mechanical conception of power (Newtonian mechanics) gives way to statistical phenomena, with their normal and abnormal patterns of

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Potentials of disorder in the Caucasus and Yugoslavia

ready way. Violence in Yugoslavia has been organised on a larger scale and, as inappropriate this may sound with regard to individual suffering, in all of these wars, has led to even worse atrocities than in the Caucasus. Comparing the Caucasus with Yugoslavia may help to find an answer to the question of why the Caucasus has so far avoided following the worst-case scenario. Two factors are apparent which help explain the different outcomes. The first factor pertains to the way the federal centres reacted to the secessionist ambitions of the subjects of the Federations

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The Middlesex Election and the Townshend Duties Crisis

colonies making provision for civil government costs should be exempted from the Townshend taxation. Hillsborough invited the comments of George III, who rejected the proposal about the Massachusetts Council because ‘altering charters is at all times an odious measure’, and declared that obedience should be the criterion for relieving colonies from the taxation.27 All Hillsborough’s ideas were rejected by the cabinet, after objections from Camden, Conway, and Grafton.28 The ministry would not endorse coercion of America, but its failure to offer any concession other than

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instability in Namibia and Angola. Neither the causes nor the possible effects of such instability were considered to be primarily intra-state in nature. Towards active UN involvement In June–August 1977 the United States presented a settlement plan, which provided for free elections open to all Namibian political parties and the presence of a UN special representative. South Africa

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. Whatever secret thoughts people may have which they communicate to no one, as social persons people exist in relation to other people, and what they do and what others see and hear is who they are. Identity is a visible, audible, and tangible social creation and cultivation, and is expressed in all the varied actions which people carry out and all the various contexts both which they create and cultivate for themselves and which they find created and cultivated already by others. Identity is a complex of circumstance and choice, of collectivity and individuality. This

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this radical shift in labour market dynamics has received little more than a passing comment in the growing literature on Ireland’s recent apparent economic success.1 Furthermore, feminist analysis frequently attempts to create a seamless connection between women regardless of their class position. All too often there is an assumption, albeit frequently an unconscious one, that ‘we are all in this together’. This perspective ignores, of course, the fact that class position mediates one’s experience of oppression. 95 eih ch-5.P65 95 26/3/03, 15:12 96 Kennedy The

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of journalists and has, to borrow an expression from Richards and Rees, a ‘talismanic force within journalism practice’ (Richards and Rees 2011:863). The opening words of the Swedish publicity regulations originate in this yardstick, with keywords such as relevance, independence, impartiality, objectivity, accuracy, factual accounting, and even-handedness – all necessary components of what one might term good journalism. Yet another related concept has of late gained a firm hold in Swedish journalism and is used in order to safeguard its autonomy and impartiality

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absence of the right of the ‘subjectsto secede from the Federation (article 4) or to have their own republican citizenship. And to the dismay of the republics the text of the Federal Treaty was not incorporated into the Constitution, and the superiority of the Constitution over the Federal Treaty was set out in section two. Moreover, the Constitution proclaimed that all subjects of the federation were equal (article 5) thus rejecting the special privileges which had been granted to the republics in March 1992. The distribution of powers As we noted in chapter 1 there

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