Margaret Kohn

feels greater or at least equal loyalty to Philip. This realization motivates her to try to build a stronger marriage with Philip. Elizabeth discovers that intimacy, however, is also a source of vulnerability. Later in the season, Philip is told to go to New York, where he meets with Irina, a former girlfriend from the USSR, the woman that he had to leave behind in order to accept

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A short essay on enthusia
David Herd

successfully redirected, so that what it has come to offer intimacy with is not God, but the world, giving ‘to the mind an impetus of far stronger and more enduring efficacy than the stimulus afforded by sensible representations’. Which means what? Well, it almost means, or almost proposes, something Kant can’t bring himself quite to say: that in a state of enthusiasm, when a person is in an enthusiastic relation with things, their relation to those things, to things in general perhaps, is, what? stronger? more enduring? closer? more intimate? more real? than is that

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Unearthing the truth in Patrick O’Keeffe’s The Hill Road
Vivian Valvano Lynch

the Rosary, listening to the wireless and endless tales about Albert Cagney’s return. Jack recalls the local, communal rituals, Sunday Mass and the gatherings at Powers’ public house by the men of the neighborhood, and then – most importantly – the transformative effect of a summer spent with his maiden aunt on Conway’s hill. It is during that seminal visit that he learns of his aunt’s intimacy with and loss of Albert. Boosted by drink, Mary counsels Jack – as his dying mother later will – to make the right choice, which is to leave home in order to achieve success

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French clerical reformers and episcopal status
Alison Forrestal

mysticism. The mystical spirituality favoured by the Acarie circle focused on complete self-renunciation in order to achieve intimacy with God, so that it promoted obedience to the divine will as its fundamental spiritual principle. It incorporated a specifically hierarchical understanding of society in which the world was theocentric and thearchic, that is, hierarchically structured, with God at its summit. Only through divine illumination could one ascend to union with the transcendent and supreme Godhead. The most vital qualities of the Christian were, consequently

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James E. Connolly

 –​which breached both pre-​war social, notably religious, mores and occupation norms. Living it up Another form of misconduct particularly associated with women involved ostentatious displays of joy, enjoyment, or luxury, especially in the company of Germans. For the occupied population, there was a difference between ‘frequenting the Germans’ (always implying sexual intimacy) and general ‘debauchery’ (which may have been less likely to involve sexual acts but rather other unrespectable actions such as drunkenness or dancing). Often actions regarded as sexual did not involve sex

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Rumours of bones and the remembrance of an exterminated people in Newfoundland - the emotive immateriality of human remains
John Harries

remains, as a spectacle held within a glass case, fascinated, and it seems that what fascinated above all else was the felt intimacy and proximity of the dead human. At least as described in these reflections, this intimacy was felt in a quality of familiarity, in the sense that they were someone like us, but someone exposed, naked in death before the gaze of the child-​visitor. In the words of Jo-​Ann Connelly, ‘the child’s remains really struck a chord with me and made me feel a connection with the Beothuk that the text book did not’. For Rick Barnes, the ‘presence

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Women and public transport
Masha Belenky

cette contemplation, elle rougit. Il s’en aperçut et voulut détourner les yeux; mais il les ramenait à tout moment sur elle, quoiqu’il s’efforçât de les fixer ailleurs.’ 24 (He was looking at her obstinately, despite himself. Unsettled by his stares, she blushed. He noticed and wanted to look away. But he kept casting his eyes upon her, even though he was trying to fix them elsewhere.) It is as if the set-up of the omnibus interior compels the two solitary characters to engage in this chance intimacy, bringing them together almost despite themselves. Here we see the

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Bonnie Clementsson

connection’. In addition, they were both said always to have led a ‘Christian’, ‘decent’, and ‘virtuous’ life, as befitted their ‘exalted lineage’. 28 One cousin couple wrote in their application that they had for several years enjoyed each other's company with ‘a decent intimacy’, which had grown in strength over time until it had been transformed into a ‘pure and sincere love’. 29 Hans Knutsson and Pernilla Bengtsdotter wanted to have their application approved because

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Linda Maynard

frequently, sisterhood designated the strength and intimacy of particularly close friendships. Organisations such as the Freemasons, trade unions, friendly societies and the Co-operative movement drew upon kinship terminology to explain and define their underpinning ideology. 61 Framing standards in this way enabled hierarchical organisations to be seen as ‘quintessentially egalitarian’, further embedding fraternal relations in the cultural imagination. 62 Similar efforts institutionalised and structured these private and personal bonds within the Edwardian education

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The early films of John Marshall and Timothy Asch
Paul Henley

can still be considered an ethnographic film masterpiece, communicating, with an unprecedented intimacy and sympathy for the principal characters, a powerful understanding of the range of skills that Ju/’hoansi hunters must have possessed at that time and of the difficulties that they must have had to overcome in hunting large game animals with their minimal technology, in such a challenging natural environment. A record that is also a movie: the event-sequence method Whatever its merits or deficiencies, in making

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