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traditions are in danger of disappearing with nearly only archived materials left behind. This is not really the case, though it is not clear yet just how successful current language and culture revitalization efforts will prove. A series of ambitious projects conducted by the Doyon Foundation, which represents most of the Athabascan languages in Alaska, has resulted in increased activity in language learning, teaching, and materials creation. Other political developments, especially among Alaska Natives interested in

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Kjell M. Torbiörn

in 1997 had agreed to the principle of MUP_Torbion_09_Ch9 212 22/9/03, 3:41 pm A new European Union 213 enlargement with the number of ‘first wave’ new members – considered to have reached furthest in economic and political development – soon crystallising at six: Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia. The 1999 Helsinki Summit – in a departure from the earlier ‘small bang’ enlargement plans to a ‘big bang’ variant – widened the circle of recognised candidate countries from six to thirteen by including Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania

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A. W. Brian Simpson

of Harvey, and he knew others in the Foreign Office: J. P. Russell, R. Kinnaird, Captain H. B. W. Maling, and H. C. F. Tubb.131 Pieck claimed that money could be made on the stock exchange by advance knowledge of political developments, and King gave as this as the reason why he handed over material. He gave, for example, reports of conversations between Hitler and Sir Neville Henderson, and claimed that none was of any importance. In 1933 King met one Helen Wilkie, said to have been American, and started an affair. In 1936 Pieck left London, and King’s contact

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Class (New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction KARPOVA 9781526139870 PRINT.indd 61 20/01/2020 11:10 62 Comradely objects 98 99 100 101 102 103 04 1 105 106 107 108 109 10 1 111 112 113 Publishers, 1992). The theme of taste, along with manners, was famously treated in 1939 by the German sociologist Norbert Elias in his seminal book on the cultural and political development of European society, later published in English as The Civilizing Process: The History of Manners (New York: Urizen Books, 1978). Taste prominently appeared in

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Managing diabetes, managing medicine
Martin D. Moore

initial legislation disappointed many registered practitioners, but political developments since 1858 increasingly folded the profession within state apparatus. 78 Through the 1911 National Insurance Act a significant proportion of GPs were contracted into state-funded care. 79 The Local Government Act of 1929 extended state capacity for hospital work, and before this municipal schemes had sought to co-ordinate private, charitable, and local state services. 80 Finally, the creation of the NHS in 1948 consolidated the central role of the British state in funding

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Nicholas Atkin

successes in the war and highlighting German cruelties. Issue 7 of 31 August 1940 spoke of political developments in France, in particular the emergence of the out-and-out collaborators at Paris: Il est évident que Paris est aujourd’hui en rivalité avec Vichy – exactement comme la Commune était en rivalité avec le gouvernement légal de Versailles en 1871. Seulement, aujourd’hui, quels sont les maîtres de Paris?191 The answer was Doriot and Bergerey [sic], the editors and ideologues of such papers as La France au Travail [sic] and L’Oeuvre. Issue number 8 of the Journal

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