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– the United States, Russia, China and Europe – were dealt new geopolitical hands. The United States, the obvious victor of the Cold War, began the new era as the only superpower in an increasingly integrated global system. Remarkable American growth in the 1990s reinforced the sense of American predominance. Of course, the United States may never have been as strong as it seemed in the 1990s. Today, we are painfully aware of our physical vulnerability. But signs of our economic weaknesses have been visible for a long time. We have, for example, had a huge external

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The early British films of Joseph Losey
Neil Sinyard

a key moment, as a ‘scheming, spying informer’. The equation of the villain with the tactics of McCarthyism is explicit there, as is the idea of the hero as someone who has been falsely ‘victimised’ (though it is also suggested that his behaviour has made him vulnerable to that form of attack). Made with modest means in twelve days, the film remains essentially a crisp B-picture thriller, but with a

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Syrian displacement and care in contemporary Beirut
Ella Parry- Davies

of experiences of migration, must also allow the latter to challenge the dominant hermeneutic and ethical paradigms through which research encounters practice (and vice versa). As Judith Hamera has argued, for scholars to act ‘response-ably’ and make ourselves ‘accountable to others’ bodies’ we must support the ‘vulnerability’ of our ethical and methodological positions ( 2013 : 306–7). The particular challenge presented by Fleeing and Forgetting , I will suggest, demands that we pay attention to stillness, reciprocity and care, which as the project demonstrates

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John P. Willerton and Geoffrey Cockerham

political arrangements tenuous and vulnerable to domestic pressures.28 Belarus, caught by compelling security needs, and Ukraine, vulnerable to pressing economic and energy needs, confront continuing dependencies on 192 2504Chap10 7/4/03 12:57 pm Page 193 Russia, the CIS and Eurasian interconnections Russia a decade after the Soviet collapse. Each has developed a unique bilateral relationship with the Russian Federation which entails vulnerabilities that are simultaneously dynamic and unpredictable, and subject to exploitation by Moscow. Such a characterisation could

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Stuart White

(the expressive and deliberative interests of actual and prospective employees). As Nancy Rosenblum and Brian Barry both point out, the Supreme Court’s decision in Amos displayed an extreme preoccupation with possible threats to the liberty of religious associations, but no concern at all with the threats to the religious freedom of individuals like Mason who stand vulnerable in the face of the economic power of such associations.20 The threat to background civil interests may not be that great where religious associations control access to a relatively small

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Keeping up appearances
Kinneret Lahad

awkward; but for Rachel, it is now clear that her future date thinks that she is “a total freak” by the mere act of dining by herself in a restaurant. These representations demonstrate the importance of belonging to the right participation unit at the right time. This correlates with Goffman’s claim that “a single is relatively vulnerable to contact, this being the grounds presumably why the ladies who inhabited traditional etiquette manuals did not appear in public unaccompanied; members of a with, after all, can count on some mutual protection” (Goffman 2010, 20

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Lamine Kane, Aliou Guissé and Latyr Diouf

example, the students worked with villagers to construct dikes and dug pits to retain the water and filter it out, making Yeba less vulnerable to torrential rains and flooding from the surrounding hills. Impacts With regard to the theory of higher education, community–university partnership is a new concept in Senegal – a country where academics traditionally have had little or no contact with the grass roots. In the early 1980s, an education reform commission of the then-socialist national government proposed linking education more closely to the social environment

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Mandakini Pant

exercising leadership roles. Socio-economic vulnerabilities limit their capacities to articulate and to act upon their claims and concerns. The gap between the 110 MUP_Hall.indd 110 30/07/2013 17:16 pria educates the community formal recognition of the right to participate and its actualization still remains large even after fifteen years of constitutional mandate. The programme The programme Strengthening Scheduled Caste Leadership in Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) aims to strengthen SC leadership by providing them opportunities for systematic learning

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A project on alcohol and older people in Brighton
Juliet Millican and Angie Hart

of 2008, involved drafting the final report, agreeing on and conducting dissemination activities. There is a need first and foremost to seek the views of older people on their use of alcohol and what part it plays in their life, both for social and ‘medicinal’ reasons. Asking people to talk about their use of alcohol can be seen as intrusive. Further, there are both generational and cultural issues to be taken into account in designing any methodology for research on this topic. Researchers need to be aware of how to engage a vulnerable client base in a way that

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International man of stories
Peter Morey

the Parsis as a vulnerable minority, and to general readers who may know little about the background, but who can identify with the characters, their experiences and life choices. Speaking of this quality in his work, Mistry has commented, ‘The Parsi characters in my stories, and their dreams, ambitions and fears are as accessible to the western reader as to the Indian reader … I don’t say to myself: “This story needs three doses of Morey_Mistry_07_Ch7 176 9/6/04, 4:16 pm Conclusion 177 universality and five doses of particularity.” When I start writing it all

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