think critically about the Jewish question in ways that most of his followers were unable to comprehend or sustain. 48 In the immediate aftermath of the Holocaust Ernest Mandel, who was to become one of the most influential of postwar Trotskyists, acknowledged the challenge posed by the Holocaust before equating the annihilation of the Jews to the postwar expulsion of Germans from Poland and Czechoslovakia: ‘the death trains have again begun moving but this

in Antisemitism and the left
The blows of County Clare

of the Aran Islands, County Galway’, Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, 18,768–830. Halfacree, Keith 2001a ‘Going “back-to-the-land” again: extending the scope of counterurbanisation’, Espace, Populations, Sociétés, 1, 161–70. ——2001b ‘Constructing the object: taxonomic practices, “counterurbanisation” and positioning marginal rural settlement’, International Journal of Population Geography, 7, 395–411. Hall, Spencer T. 1850 Life and Death in Ireland in 1849 (Manchester: J. T. Parkes). Kaul, Adam 2004 ‘The anthropologist as barman and tour-guide: reflections

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Their lives and social contexts

of family is of the ‘extended family’, including aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents (Gough, 2008 ). Extended families were traditionally the central supportive social structure in Zambian life. However, the dual and combined influences of economic conditions and the HIV/AIDS pandemic have contributed to extended family structures breaking down, especially in urban areas such as Lusaka (Gough, 2008 ). Largely as a consequence of deaths associated with AIDS

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. His motley brigade saw no military action but his mere presence ‘electrified’ the Greeks 75 and acted as a ‘talisman’ 76 internationally. Byron, while in Messolonghi, displayed practical spirit and assisted the Greek cause both financially and organizationally. The Byron magic was to reach its apogee a hundred days later when he ‘died immortally’ 77 from illness (19 April 1824). His death assured the Greek cause thereafter of constant European concern, which was much needed in view

in Humanitarian intervention in the long nineteenth century
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pain of England’s assistant team manager Ken Barrington, who died of a heart attack in 1981 at 50 years of age. Success in cricket and even the death of a white English sporting figure were a means for black Caribbean men, including those already living in the diaspora, to feel proud and united since they were forced to carve out an alternative path to hegemonic success, given the strictures placed on

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population by control of inherited qualities’ and goes on to argue that, ‘In those rare cases where impairment causes inevitable neonatal death or permanent lack of awareness, it might be more appropriate to screen out such conditions prenatally. Absolutist positions – abort all impaired foetuses, or ban all termination on the basis of impairment – are equally unhelpful to women and men making very difficult decisions about reproductive choices’ (Shakespeare, 1998: 670). This is certainly true and seems to invite policies based upon ‘weak eugenics’ as opposed to the

in After the new social democracy

research was undertaken into the effects of altitude in the lead-up to the Games (Kasperowski, 2009). There were several reasons for the interest in the effects of altitude. First, there were concerns over the health of the athletes in competing at altitude, with some citing risks of black-outs and even death. Second, there was a concern with inequality (Kasperowski, 2009). Standardised rules exist in sport in order to ensure fairness. While ‘natural’ inequalities such as differences in physiological and

in Sport and technology

taekwondo referees do view the use of a video replay system to be useful during a ‘sudden death’ match. An example the referees described to illustrate this was when both fighters score a kick at what appears to be the same time (Leveaux, 2010 ). This scenario resembles the swimming example discussed earlier, where technology is useful for determining what the human eye has difficulty seeing. In the taekwondo example a video replay would allow pausing of a video reply at the exact point of the kick, making it

in Sport and technology
Community, language and culture under the Celtic Tiger

. Ó hAodha (eds), Third International Conference on Minority Languages: Celtic Papers (Clevedon: Multilingual Matters, 1987), p. 130. É. Ó Ciosáin, Buried Alive: A Reply to ‘The Death of the Irish Language’ (Baile Átha Cliath: Dáil Uí Chadhain, 1991), p. 7. Akutagawa, ‘A linguistic minority under the protection of its own ethnic state’, p. 141. É. Ó Ciosáin, An t-Éireannach 1934–1937: Páipéar Sóisialach Gaeltachta (Baile Átha Cliath: An Clóchomhar, 1993). M. Ó Conghaile (ed.), Gaeltacht Rath Cairn: Léachtaí Comórtha (Indreabhán: Cló Iar-Chonnachta, 1986). N

in The end of Irish history?
A critical reassessment

. Experts began to pronounce the death of the Celtic Tiger, as suddenly as they had discovered its birth some seven years before. In the light of this downturn, perhaps we can now step back and assess what this period of growth was all about, and specify how the southern Irish economy and society have changed, particularly from a macroeconomic perspective. Such a broad look at the experience of the 1990s, I believe, shows that the correlation most economists make between macroeconomic stability and economic growth is spurious. Irish economic growth was due to a unique set

in The end of Irish history?