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Johanna Gondouin, Suruchi Thapar-Björkert, and Ingrid Ryberg

 116 7 WHITE VULNERABILITY AND THE POLITICS OF REPRODUCTION IN TOP OF THE LAKE: CHINA GIRL Jo ha n na G ond ouin, Suruc hi Thapar- ​Björ k ert a nd I ngr id  Ry berg T  op of The Lake: China Girl (Australia, Jane Campion, 2017) is the sequel to Jane Campion and Gerard Lee’s crime series Top of the Lake from 2013, directed by Campion and Ariel Kleiman. After four years of absence, Inspector Robin Griffin (Elisabeth Moss) returns to the Sydney Police Force and comes to lead the murder case of an unidentified young Asian woman, found in a suitcase at Bondi Beach

in The power of vulnerability
The paradoxes of sustainability and Michel Houellebecq’s The Possibility of an Island
Hannes Bergthaller

a less natural lifestyle 199 over-consumption might require that individual rights and democratic freedoms be substantially curtailed (Blühdorn 2011); famously, the Ehrlichs declared their support for China’s coercive one-child policy (1990: 205). Only an authoritarian state, it seemed, would be able to impose the necessary sacrifices on its citizens. Like the discourse of sustainability, neo-Malthusianism is not merely a set of descriptive statements or policy recommendations. It also touches on our conceptions of the human and its relationship to the larger

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The return of the repressed in Roddy Doyle’s Paula Spencer
Jennifer M. Jeffers

9780719075636_4_015.qxd 16/2/09 9:29 AM Page 258 15 ‘What’s it like being Irish?’ The return of the repressed in Roddy Doyle’s Paula Spencer Jennifer M. Jeffers ‘The Irish are the niggers of Europe, lads.’ (Roddy Doyle, The Commitments)1 In a notorious incident in January 2002, a young Chinese man, Zhao Liulao, was beaten to death in a late-night fight in a Dublin suburb, after being taunted by racist youths. This death occurred against a background of reports of increased attacks on immigrants in the north inner-city area of Dublin, in an area designated

in Irish literature since 1990
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Gill Rye and Michael Worton

travelling to the East to explore political and economic alternatives to the American and Soviet models and reconsidering European culture and practices in the light of these discoveries, as with Kristeva’s Des chinoises (Of Chinese Women) (), or Roland Barthes’s L’Empire des signes (The Empire of Signs) (), in which he presents a highly subjective and partial construct of Japan. This new Orientalism  Introduction became more and more bound up with questions of individual and collective identity and enabled such recent fictional expressions as Christiane Baroche

in Women’s writing in contemporary France
Translatina world-making in The Salt Mines and Wildness
Laura Horak

Aparicio,  96 96 Vulnerability and visibility portrays a group of homeless Latinx immigrants in New York City, many of whom present as transfeminine, who live in abandoned garbage trucks beside the building where the New York City Sanitation Department stores road salt, which they call the ‘Salt Mines’. Wildness, a richly saturated and dreamy digital film created twenty-​two years later by trans Chinese-​American multimedia artist Wu Tsang, tells the story of Tsang’s relationship with the Silver Platter, a Latinx bar in Los Angeles, and the many translatina women who

in The power of vulnerability
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Language, lies and the crisis of representation in Such a Long Journey
Peter Morey

turbulent year of the struggle between what were then East and West Pakistan, which eventually drew in India and culminated in a brief, two week war and the creation of Bangladesh. However, it also harks back to the political history of India in the 1960s, the decade that saw the death of Jawaharlal Nehru, who had led India to independence from Britain and become its first Prime Minister, and the accession of his daughter Indira Gandhi. Events in the 1960s – including the Indo-Chinese War, the sudden death of Nehru’s successor Lal Bahadur Shastri, superpower meddling, and

in Rohinton Mistry
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Representations of Irish political leaders in the ‘Haughey’ plays of Carr, Barry and Breen
Anthony Roche

their forces and the self-slaughter of both men. The result for Haughey of the 1989 election was coalition with the Progressive Democrats, the party founded by former Fianna Fáil politicians unhappy with his leadership; and it is they who would finally walk away in the face of the various scandals that emerged. Haughey was never tempted to fall on his sword, as the two Romans (and indeed Othello) had done. Instead, he liked to quote the example of the Chinese emperors who stayed in power until they were ninety. Mara warns Haughey in the play that he ‘shouldn’t have

in Irish literature since 1990
Colonialism, Jewishness and politics in Bacon’s New Atlantis
Claire Jowitt

the authenticity and credibility of his narrative. In the 1620s Europeans still did not know the scope of America. French and English colonial outposts were dotted in a piecemeal fashion along North America’s eastern coastline, and the Portuguese and Spanish in particular had established sizeable settlements in South America.13 Indeed, the occasion for the New Atlantis is its accidental discovery by Spanish tars attempting to sail from Peru to China and Japan. However, America’s Western coastline and, in particular, the continent’s interior, had only been sketchily

in Francis Bacon’s <i>New Atlantis</i>
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Ezra Pound
David Herd

provided one such situation, the troubadours’ proximity to power, and the patronage of power, offering a model, or at least a historical consolation, to Pound. A better model, however, or at least an aesthetically more promising one, was the Chinese as mediated by Fenollosa and presented by Pound in 1915 as Cathay. The poems of Cathay are beautiful in many ways it would be a pleasure to expand on at length, but in ways also that probably do not need rehearsing here. Except to observe that more than any work in early Pound, with the exception of ‘The Seafarer’, ‘Near

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Irish drama since 1990
Clare Wallace and Ondrej Pilný

like Mark O’Rowe’s Howie the Rookie (1999) and Made in China (2001), and Enda Walsh’s Disco Pigs (1996) and Sucking Dublin (1997). Such a list can only begin to suggest the range of possible inflections of contemporary experience, anxieties and conditions to be found in Irish drama today. Practitioners and performance A focus on the state of playwriting alone can give a somewhat distorted picture of Irish theatre as a whole. Theatre cannot belong solely to writers no matter how brilliant their work may be; it necessarily encompasses all the other agents and agencies

in Irish literature since 1990