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Editor’s Introduction
Juliano Fiori

Introduction The first thing to say about liberal order is that it hasn’t been that liberal. Since the Second World War, the production of subjects obeisant to the rule of liberal institutions has depended on illiberal and authoritarian methods – not least on the periphery of the world system, where conversion to Western reason has been pursued with particularly millenarian zeal, and violence. The wishful idea of an ever more open and global market economy has been continuously undermined by its champions, with their subsidies and monopolistic

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
José Luís Fiori

conversion of all the peoples of the world to Western reason and ethics. At the same time, it gives up its role as guardian of international ethics and arbiter of all the world’s conflicts. This does not mean that it stops projecting the superiority of its national values, but, acting as a nation of ‘chosen people’, it opts for the unilateral exercise of its power, through force and the active division and dispersion of its competitors, boycotting every kind of multilateral or regional agreement or bloc, from the European Union to UNASUR, from NAFTA to

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
From the Global to the Local
Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh

January 2018, ‘ conversion of fixed-term (X) appointment to indefinite (A) appointment is suspended’. Moreover: ‘area staff members with ten years of continuous service as of January 18, 2018 or later, and eligible for an indefinite appointment, will instead be considered for extension of their fixed-term appointment in line with applicable rules and instructions at the time of the extension’. The experiences of one of my interviewees 17 are particularly pertinent when tracing the impacts of this circular on UNRWA employees. This

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Open Access (free)
Digital Bodies, Data and Gifts
Kristin Bergtora Sandvik

. , 2016 ). Digitisation – the collection, conversion, storage and sharing of data and the use of digital technologies to collect and manage information about individuals from affected communities – increasingly shapes understandings of need and the response to emergencies. 2 This use of digital technologies produces ‘digital bodies’ – images, information, biometrics and other data stored in digital space – that represent, track, quantify and monitor the

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Emilian Kavalski and Magdalena Zolkos

enable learning and adjustment’; and (c) ‘a high degree of traditional ecological knowledge, and … opportunities for building on traditional resource management institutions’ (Adger et al. 2011 : 7). The islands have made transition to renewable energy sources, including the locally produced coconut-derived biodiesel and are undergoing infrastructural conversion to solar energy

in Recognition and Global Politics
Kerry Longhurst

instance of a ‘substantially changed security situation [that would] permit a considerable reduction of standing forces’, and which could lead to ‘an examination of the conversion of the Bundeswehr into an allvolunteer force’.8 The enduring Cold War bipolarity and the sustained burden of expectation on the Federal Republic to produce a land-based large armed force naturally perpetuated conscription, the practice of which was largely uncontested throughout this period. Consequently, until the watershed of 1989–90, the only changes made to military service came in the form

in Germany and the use of force
Jonathan Colman

outlook. An American analysis noted later that the ‘conversion of Harold Wilson and the Labour Government’ on the question of joining the EEC ‘came late and suddenly but, when it finally did come, it was complete’. Wilson’s intention ‘to re-apply for membership … announced on November 10 1966, enjoyed far broader support – in the government, within the political parties, in business and labour circles, and among the

in A ‘special relationship’?
Open Access (free)
Amikam Nachmani

continue the use of natural gas. The conversion in Ankara to natural gas has finally made the air in the capital fit to breathe. The projected pipeline for Iranian gas is therefore meant to serve Erzurum, Sivas, Kayseri and Konya – all grim towns enveloped in smog in the harsh winter weather. 30 The entire deal consists of 228 billion cubic meters of gas. If both sides completed their obligations and each constructed on his side the necessary facilities, the first transport of Iranian gas was to reach Ankara by 1 August 2001. Next to Russia (more than 30 percent), Iran

in Turkey: facing a new millennium