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Bryony Dixon

can be left for the moment. We deal with the emergencies first, and the others when we can. Most of an archivist’s job will be a race against time to deal with the emergencies, ‘A and E’, if you like. Other cases are diagnosed for treatment in the longer term and are sent up to the various ‘wards’. Access policy is a way of prioritising the non-urgent cases for ‘preservation’ (keeping them alive as

in British cinema of the 1950s
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Pat Jackson’s White Corridors
Charles Barr

anxious mother, and both are received by doctors and nurses alike with warm care and concern. Ironically, it is the woman with a cerebral abscess who lives, saved by an emergency operation, and the boy who dies, since he turns out to be resistant to penicillin. These two stories, absorbing in themselves, allow the main plot issues to be carried forward and resolved. The film combines its strong documentary

in British cinema of the 1950s
Mia-Marie Hammarlin

: Because then my wife got up and went to work, and you can so easily just stay in bed, and then you get completely depressed, you see. When it became clear that his wife had broken down as well and lay sleepless at night, a couple of colleagues started up an emergency schedule which meant that every morning someone made sure there was breakfast and lunch in the fridge and every evening someone came home to the couple and cooked them dinner. ‘I think they kept doing that for a month’, he said. I myself have only heard of similar social support in connection with deaths

in Exposed
Martha Graham, dance and politics
Dana Mills

study of these tours from the perspective of dance, Dance for Export: Cultural Diplomacy and the Cold War, Neima Prevots reads the tours in the context of fear of communist ideological and military power and ‘its apparent uses in capturing the minds and souls of other countries’ (Prevots 2001: 7). After a Congress decision in 1954 to allocate funds to enlist the performing arts in the Cold War, Eisenhower founded the President’s Emergency Fund for International Affairs, which funded enterprises sending leading figures in American performing arts abroad. The first

in Dance and politics
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Ian Scott and Henry Thompson

the world, as well as more specific findings related to emergency response, border security and reporting lines within the various intelligence agencies. In measured, even muted language, the Commission recommended that the ‘War on Terror’ could not concern itself merely with military responses, concluding that ‘if we favour one tool while neglecting others, we leave ourselves vulnerable and weaken our national effort’.40 The message about moral leadership was thrown into sharp relief immediately on publication. Just a few weeks earlier in May 2004, investigative

in The cinema of Oliver Stone