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South Africa in the post-imperial metropole
Laura Chrisman

publishers instead proceeds on the opposite basis. The lament is not for the loss of black innocence but for that lost possession of imperial power, which itself takes on the aura of a pure and innocent condition. Apartheid is lamented for driving a fatal wedge between the empire and ‘its’ black subjects. The violence that apartheid has done is primarily to its white English ‘victims’; it is their authentic culture, not that of black South Africans, that has been destroyed. And part of that English culture is its dynamic developmentalism. Events of 1948 have removed from

in Postcolonial contraventions
Rodney Barker

exchanged with the same number from England. The latter would raise families of English culture or household economy – food, clothing, manner of life – the former would be widely distributed and absorbed in English culture. 23 But the attempted Anglicisation of Ireland was one instance only of a history of ambitions to transform identity, ranging from compulsory changes in religion, or dress, or language, through expulsion and colonisation, to mass killing. Attempts to destroy peoples, both by the killing or expulsion of their members, or by destroying their government

in Cultivating political and public identity