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Reflections in a distorting mirror
Christoph Zürcher

. August 1999: the Caucasus Mountains, border between Chechnya and Daghestan Two long columns of bearded fighters cross the border between Chechnya and Daghestan. They are on their way to carry the Islamic anti-Russian rebellion from Chechnya into Daghestan. They are lightly armed, mainly with AK-47s, some machine guns, a couple of mortars and a few RPG-7s – Russian shoulder

in Mapping European security after Kosovo
Civilisation, civil society and the Kosovo war
Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen

has been ‘won’, Huntington fears that the West will succumb to complacency because it believes that its ‘universal values’ will inevitably come to dominate global politics. 20 The West may no longer see itself as a subject of history, he argues, but many other peoples are defining their identities in juxtaposition to ‘the West’. Huntington lists the usual suspects: Islamic

in Mapping European security after Kosovo
Iver B. Neumann

struggle between land and town, between proletariat and town elites, but it is formed in principle as a struggle between the local and the global. To quote a well-known book title, it is a case of ‘ Jihad vs. McWorld ’. 10 And these two political powers work together, like all constellations, in order for politics to function. The so-called fundamentalist Islamic opposition in the Maghreb, and the

in Mapping European security after Kosovo
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A European fin de siècle
Sergei Medvedev

. Should Russia (or, hypothetically, the CIS Tashkent Treaty on Collective Security) now decide that human rights are being violated in Tajikistan, will the West endorse Russian intervention? Or what if Iran resumes its war with Iraq on the grounds that Saddam Hussein has violated Islamic norms? What happens next? Fidel Castro, at the EU–Latin American summit in June 1999, cited the possibility of a NATO

in Mapping European security after Kosovo