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The resurgence of Route 128 in Massachusetts
Michael H. Best

are themselves shaped in the ongoing practice of refining a firm’s 168 Michael H. Best concept or specific characteristic by which it distinguishes itself from other firms and thereby derives its market power. The entrepreneurial firm startup system is particularly strong in the Silicon Valley and Route 128/495 high-tech regions in the USA and in the design-led and the fashion industries of the ‘Third Italy’. Taiwan, Ireland and Israel have all established variants, if on a smaller scale. The greatest attention has been focused on financial markets as the

in Market relations and the competitive process
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The evolving international financial architecture
Shalendra D. Sharma

average of other major currencies (e.g. Thailand before the 1997 crisis). 7 Target zone or band: a margin of fluctuation around a central rate (e.g. Israel). Flexible corner 8 Managed floating or Dirty float: the monetary authority of the country does not adopt a particular exchange-rate target; nevertheless, it intervenes occasionally in the foreign-exchange market to influence the movements of the exchangerate. The monetary authority, however, does not specify or pre-commit to any particular value for the exchange rate, thereby allowing the exchange-rate to fluctuate

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