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A male strategy
Soili-Maria Olli

, 1971), pp. 9, 71, 88, 92. Peter Burke, Popular Culture in Early Modern Europe (London, 1978). Riksarkivet (hereafter RA), Stockholm, Justitierevisionens Arkiv, JR, Utslagshandlingar, 17 November 1727, nr. 21. RA Stockholm, Justitierevisionens Arkiv, JR, Utslagshandlingar, 17 March 1757, nr. 27. For Lutheran attitudes towards the role of church and state regarding punishment see Sven Kjöllerström, Den svenska kyrkoordningen, pp. 304–5. Soili-Maria Eklund (Olli), ‘Drängen Henrich Michelsson änglasyner. Demonologiska och medicinska förklaringsmodeller i tidig modern tid

in Beyond the witch trials
medical pluralism and the search for hegemony
Enrique Perdiguero

–57. 88 Prats, Tres días, p. 100. 89 See, on this subject, the classic study by William A. Christian Jr, Religiosidad popular: estudio antropológico en un valle español (Madrid, 1978). In this context are also of interest works on ex-votos, numerous at present; see, as an example, Salvador Rodríguez Becerra and José María Vazquez Soto

in Witchcraft Continued
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Hans Peter Broedel

suggestions and willingly accept death as we know it.” Augustine, Sermons, trans. Edmund Hill, ed. John E. Rotelle (Brooklyn: New York City Press, 1992), pt. 3, vol. 4, sermon 94A, p. 20. 8 Augustine, On Christian Doctrine, trans. D.W. Robertson, Jr. (Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill/Library of Liberal Arts, 1958), 23.35. 9 Augustine, Sermons, sermon on Esau and Jacob, 4:36, pp. 205–6. 10 Augustine, City of God, 7.35. See also 8.24. 11 Augustine, Sermons, 4:36, p. 206. 12 Precisely why this occurred is difficult to say, but see Russell, Witchcraft in the Middle Ages, 101–32, and

in The <i>Malleus Maleficarum</i> and the construction of witchcraft