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Sarah Roddy

’s Sermons (New York, 1896), pp. 75–6 as cited in Matthew Frye Jacobson, Special Sorrows: The Diasporic Imagination of Irish, Polish and Jewish Immigrants in the United States (London, 2002), p. 67. 10 Walter McDonald, Reminiscences of a Maynooth Professor, ed. Denis Gwynn (London, 1925), p. 215. 11 Anon., ‘The Irish Church: her “reformers” and her foes’ in Dublin University Magazine, lxiii:376 (Apr. 1864), 369. 12 Lee, Facts Respecting the Present State of the Church in Ireland, passim; John Macbeth, The Story of Ireland and her Church from the Earliest Times to the

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John Marriott

Lost , Shakespeare’s Macbeth and The Tempest , Spenser’s The Faerie Queene , Locke’s Essay Concerning Human Understanding , Marlowe’s Tamburlaine the Great , Thomas Moore’s Lalla Rookh and Donne’s The Embassy all reveal knowledge of travel accounts and geographies. But these accounts were not used merely as a ready taxonomy of exotic characters and phenomena; they shaped geographical

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Nicholas Atkin

muster. Major Orchard at Haydock Park drew particular praise, as did Captain Macbeth at Trentham Park.116 In the words of Blond ‘un rat à moustache’, Macbeth was a temporary officer who, according to Dame Rachel Crowdy, had ‘lived in France thirty years and understands the French as well as they understand him’.117 Having taught at the Ecole d’Hydrographie at Marseille, he was a genuine Francophile and had done much to improve living conditions and mutual respect, in particular by organising a football match between French and British officers, which the French had won

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A twenty-first century trial?
Dominic McGoldrick

Belgrade as Lady Macbeth, and members of his family. He complained to the Chamber when his wife was not given a visa to visit him. See ‘Tribunal warns Milosevic over jail interview’, Guardian (25 August 2001). Decision on Preliminary Motions, 8 November 2001. The decision was not appealed. See (Application number 77631/01). Transcript of 12 February 2002. See I. Buruma, ‘The Hague vs Belgrade’, Guardian (19 February 2002). Serbia has been admitted to the UN and the OSCE. See A. Bloed, ‘OSCE news: Yugoslavia returns to the OSCE’, Netherlands Quarterly of

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Christine E. Hallett

French coast. Her diary does not appear to have been written with publication in mind, and was, in fact, only published many years after her death, by her son, Eric Scott. Her diary entries offer an interesting contrast to Boylston’s deliberately engaging story-telling: January 22, & 23, 1918. I feel a little like Lady Macbeth these days –‘Tomorrow & Tomorrow & Tomorrow creeps in this petty pace from day to day’ etc. But of course I know it’s just night duty. The other night I was sent up to officers to special a very sick man. He was a young aviator of 19 & he had one

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Characters and stereotypes in late Stuart and Georgian theatre
Bridget Orr

character emerged by virtue of their contrast with or development of well-known types. Theatre as laboratory of subjectification When late eighteenth-century critics and scholars looked back at Elizabethan and Jacobean drama, they saw characters – larger-than-life protagonists like Lear, Macbeth, Hamlet, Richard III and Prospero but also such memorable figures as Falstaff, Malvolio, Iago, Jacques and Beatrice. So compelling were such figures that they bred a new form of dramatic scholarship, practised by

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The Vichy consulates
Nicholas Atkin

Falmouth’.81 MI5 had also taken an interest in his case, discovering that he had occupied a consular position in Saarbrucken, which he had been forced to vacate because of currency irregularities.82 It was further uncovered that he spoke good German, was in regular contact with three German women, frequently spread anti-British views, and had devised pro-Vichy propaganda for French merchant seamen. Further north in Liverpool, the behaviour of the consul, Jacques Dufort, was even more brazen. In early September 1940, LieutenantColonel Macbeth, in charge of Trentham Park

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