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Art and the temporalities of geomedia
Gavin MacDonald

6 Traces, tiles and fleeting moments: art and the temporalities of geomedia Gavin MacDonald Introduction: geomediation in the inhabitable map In this chapter, I discuss ways in which artists have exploited and exposed the temporalities of ‘geomedia’. I am following writers working at the intersection of media studies and geography in using this term to refer to a contemporary complex of technologies, content and practices that involve mapping, remote survey visualisations and the binding of digital information to location via GPS (Thielmann, 2010; Lapenta, 2011

in Time for mapping
The case for practice theory
Matthew Hanchard

turn to algorithms opening up the black-box of map technologies to critique. Third, cultures of map use, drawing on visual and comparative media studies (including software/ computer game studies) to engage with contextually localised uses. Fourth, authorship to explore altered power relations inherent within map produc- 158 Stitching memories tion (including new prosumer affordances); and fifth, research on infrastructure focuses on the materialities of digital maps, both to ‘consider the infrastructure that makes that make mapping possible’ and to ‘analyse the

in Time for mapping