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Siobhán McIlvanney

The narrator draws attention to the significance the articulation of identity holds for her when she determines to teach her own mother to write her name as soon as she herself learns to write. As Kessas’s dedication highlights, these daughters of first-generation Muslim women, women who are generally illiterate and unable to express themselves in French, seek to speak out against the tradition of silence in order to voice their own sense of identity and to legitimate their own life histories. In all these texts, the female siblings are more educated and fare better

in Women’s writing in contemporary France
The failure and success of a Swedish film diversity initiative
Mara Lee Gerdén

Swedishness (sports, comedy), but at the same time defying and fighting racial stereotypes (casting an Asian-​looking Swedish woman in the leading role, performing Swedishness perfectly). Artist and art pedagogue Saadia Hussain worked on a project about Muslim women and feminism, turning the tables by displaying religious devotion not as subordination but as strength, community and sisterhood. Music video director Nikeisha Andersson worked on a feature film, a genre movie with strong women in the leading roles. Then there was the artist duo Mahoyo, consisting of Farah Yusuf

in The power of vulnerability