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New Labour and public sector reform
Eric Shaw

providers are monitored and inspected and their performance assessed as to whether they are providing an acceptable level and quality of service; • intervention mechanisms, which are used to tackle failing or underperforming providers. (PMSU 2006: 22, 34) Performance management ‘was intended to provide a clear and rapid signal that improved outputs and outcomes were expected’ from the very substantial additional expenditure being poured into the public services (PMSU 2006: 22). At the summit of the performance management regime was the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit (PMDU

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The Third Way and the case of the Private Finance Initiative
Eric Shaw

minimise costs imposed by operating within a commercial environment significant performance improvement through private sector innovation and management skills. 16 Therefore PFI deals promise ‘more essential services and to higher standard than would otherwise have been the case’. 17 Is this claim justified? The impact of the PFI on the quality of

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Steven Fielding

appointed members, as opposed to elected representatives. Some called for municipal authorities to be reshaped to allow people to participate actively, believing it was better to have more democracy even if was at the cost of efficiency. Paradoxically, however, Cocks did not want Whitehall to give up too much power to the provincial councils, as he feared the quality of services would then vary across the country – an understandable fear for a Labour activist in a region where the Conservatives were likely to dominate. In the end, the GMC agreed to support a motion that

in The Labour Governments 1964–70 volume 1
M. Anne Brown

), Indigenous people often wait until they are severely ill before seeking treatment, leading to a high rate of costly medical crisis interventions. Moreover the cost of delivery of many medical services in outback Australia, where a significant percentage of the Indigenous population live, is inevitably much higher than the cost of delivering the same service in an urban centre. Thus comparatively little is actually spent on Aboriginal health care, and little effective primary care is actually reaching Aboriginal people. The actual quality of service

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