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, and all of whom are variously entreated with their own songs during ceremonies (Gibson 2005 : 209–10). Members of the Converted, an African Baptist faith from St Vincent, practice a form of spiritual journeying through which they will receive guidance for problems that plague their everyday life. In this journeying they also might visit Africa, India and China – originating

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Anna K. Dickson

directly, in order to keep down wages and minimise social and environmental requirements. In contrast, productivity in the Caribbean is much lower. But because most farmsteads are operated by their owners and employ a small number of people, the working conditions are better while chemical use is lower. The Windward Islands are particularly dependent on banana production. Bananas make up 91 per cent of St Lucia’s foreign exchange earnings, 71 per cent for Dominica, 28 per cent for St Vincent and 13 per cent for Grenada. Fifty per cent of jobs in St Vincent and 30 per

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