Chowra Makaremi

(1981–88), Findings of the Truths Commission held 18th–22nd June, 2012 (Farsta, Sweden: Iran Tribunal Press, 2012); C. Makaremi, Le Cahier d’Aziz (Paris: Gallimard, 2011); I. Mesdaghi, Neither Life nor Death, Volume 3: Restless Raspberries, 2nd edition (Kista, Sweden: Alfabet Maxima Publishing, 2006); N. Mohajer (ed.), The Book of Prison: An Ontology of Prison Life in the Islamic Republic of Iran (Berkeley: Noghteh Books, 1998); H.-A. Montazeri, Khaterat-e Hossein-Ali Montazeri (Memoirs of Hossein-Ali Montazeri) (Los Angeles: Ketab Corp., 2001); G. Robertson, The

in Destruction and human remains
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Crossing borders, changing times
Madeleine Hurd, Hastings Donnan, and Carolin Leutloff-Grandits

have already endured precarious crossings of the Mediterranean to reach European shores and ultimately the destinations in Germany, Sweden or Britain that seem to promise them a future, are trapped at borders in Macedonia, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia where newly constructed fences impede their progress. The fact that citizens of states like Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and Serbia may themselves be among those who strive to leave, given the difficult conditions they face at home, does not seem to have tempered these new border-crossing policies of foreclosure. Migrant

in Migrating borders and moving times