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Art and the temporalities of geomedia
Gavin MacDonald

.1).2 Amsterdam RealTime is a key early work in the ‘locative media’ genre: this label was first used in the early to mid-2000s by a community of practice working with GPS in art and open data activism (Hemment, 2006; Tuters and Varnelis, 2006; Zeffiro, 2012; O’Rourke, 2013; Pinder, 2013). This label is still used in this sense and in academic literatures as a synonym for augmented reality, geomedia and neogeography (Crampton, 2009; Thielmann, 2010; Lapenta, 2011). Though GPS had been sporadically used by artists during the 1990s, the US government’s suspension of the

in Time for mapping
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Learning from communities in informal settlements in Durban, South Africa
Maria Christina Georgiadou and Claudia Loggia

; Frischmann, 2012 ). Self-reliance is also a relevant term associated with community participation and self-help activities. It refers to communities defining and making their own choices through shared knowledge, skills enhancement and planning activism. However, even though ‘bottom-up’, participatory methods for community upgrading are often discussed theoretically in international development discourses, in practice the tools, methodologies and processes needed to ensure a successful upgrade on the ground have not seen widespread dissemination or uptake, particularly in

in African cities and collaborative futures