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David Lloyd’s work
Laura Chrisman

the subject progresses from a condition of immediate sensual gratification to the capacity for identity with others. For Lloyd, racism is structural to this trajectory. As his reasoning is important here, it is necessary to quote a long passage: chapter7 21/12/04 130 11:19 am Page 130 Postcolonial theoretical politics it is … the establishment of a peculiar and historically specific social form, the public sphere as defined in aesthetic theory, as the end of humanity, that defines the logical structure of racist discourses. For this reason, it is possible for

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Senses of country living in a Basque-speaking village
Kepa Fernández De Larrinoa

’s everyday speech. Similarly, they put down kaleko Euskara (city-dweller Basque), to them a degenerative form polluted by Spanish, the dominant language in the cities.3 Alkiza, among other small mountain villages where Euskara was spoken, responded to this image of cultural authenticity. The intellectual variant was stimulated by the aesthetic theories of sculptor Jorge de Oteiza (1908–2003), who had had a strong influence in the local artistic circles of the time. He argued for a concept of Basque cognitive authenticity based on the pre-Indo-European nature of Euskara

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