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Daniela Cutas and Anna Smajdor

claimed that these barriers reflected a public desire for boundaries, Reproductive technologies and the family 59 and served to express and enforce moral beliefs that define our social identity: [i]n recognising that there should be limits, people are bearing witness to the existence of a moral ideal of society. (Report of the Committee of Inquiry into Human Fertilisation and Embryology 1984: 2) A society which had no inhibiting limits, especially in the areas with which we have been concerned . . . would be a society without moral scruples. And this nobody

in The freedom of scientific research
The blows of County Clare
Jeremy MacClancy

, masculinities and staying “behind” in rural Ireland’, Sociologia Ruralis, 41, 220–36. MacHale, Des 2002 Irish Wit (London: Prion). Mattar, Sinéad Garrigan 2004 Primitivism, Science and the Irish Revival (Oxford: Oxford University Press). McMahon, Naoimh 2005 ‘Biodynamic farmers in Ireland. Transforming society through purity, solitude and bearing witness?’, Sociologia Ruralis, 45, 98–114. O’Brien, Edna 2002 In the Forest (London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson). O’Dalaigh, Brian (ed.) 1998 The Strangers Gaze. Travels in County Clare 1534–1950 (Ennis: Clasp Press). Peace, Adrian 2005

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