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Paul Warde

and iron were still obtained in the west. Production quotas must also have limited the already meagre upward pressure on producer wages (Lindblad 1982, Müller 2006). Both private and state-led sectors (to the degree to which they can be clearly distinguished) had limited opportunities, or indeed incentives, for capacity-building when the capacities that most pressingly mattered to the powerful were military prowess (at least the ability not to be overawed by neighbours) and successful commercial and financial linkages with the core. Sweden enjoyed a famously high

in History, historians and development policy
Stephen J. Kunitz

the healthcare system has not been as effective as it should have been. There are no adequate data available to determine whether programs managed by tribal entities performed better or worse than those managed by the Indian Health Service, and of course there may well be non-health-related reasons for favouring tribal management of health systems, such as capacity building, but what limited information is available suggests that there was no great difference between them that is not better explained by median household income (Kunitz 2004). It appears, rather, that

in History, historians and development policy