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Kerry Longhurst

capacity-building in this first phase of reform. Phase 2 (1998–2001): Red–Green efforts at reform Against this background, fresh efforts were made to re-focus the reform of the Bundeswehr in the immediate wake of the Federal elections of September 1998, efforts were then given greater impetus by the 1999 war in Kosovo and the lessons drawn from it for the future of European security. The Kosovo experience exposed the serious deficiencies in Europe’s collective ability to present a common voice on foreign policy questions and to project armed force without recourse to US

in Germany and the use of force
Marta Iñiguez de Heredia

a broad spectrum of conflict and post-conflict formulas, including humanitarian intervention, peacekeeping, peace-building strategies and capacity-building, amongst others (Brahimi 2000; Chandler, Chesterman, and Laakso 2007; UN General Assembly 1945: 1.1 and 2.7).  2 The centrality of war in this account leads Centeno to speak of it as the ‘bellicist’ account (2003: 11–26).  3 Tilly differentiates states according to their organisational structure, including: citystates, tribute-taking empires and nation-states (1990: 21–5).  4 The last census dates from 1984

in Everyday resistance, peacebuilding and state-making